Sunday-someplace-else – teeny tiny printer

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How cute is that?  This little wireless printer is due to be available in 2012.  The maker, Berg, says this is the first of a few products that will be part of the Berg Cloud.

If I grasp the concept correctly, you will use your phone to collect up information and then print it all one like a tiny digest each day. And it has a function to send a little message to another printer.

This little video shows you a bit more:

I accept that this is clearly a novelty item, leaping BACK, away from a paperless existence, but it’s still charming.  Having said that, it is a thermal printer, so much like old pre-natal scans (ok I am mixing my terms here – ante-natal scans or pre-natal sonograms for the UK->US terms) that ended up just a black smudge, it may not have long-term archival possibilities, but hey ho.

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