A layout from me

It’s all happening here today.  Both DS and BIL are due back so it will be a full house.  Apparently BIL’s Super Collider event with the beat-boxer Bellatrix was a hit (and you can see it on the BBC technology blog here) and we look forward to hearing all about it.  DS is currently on a slow train to the airport (as opposed to the fast train he should have caught) and only time will tell if he makes his flight.  Fingers crossed. BIL leaves on Sunday but I get DS for a whole week! Yippee!  I’m sure I’ll want to wring his neck within 24 hours (I may be being generous there – 2 hours or 2 minutes could be more likely) but the anticipation of seeing my boy is great.  I’ll enjoy that.

I thought I would share a layout.  I used the TH rosette die, as I mentioned and I do like it.  Now I am dithering over what to do.  Spellbinders made contact and I can send my GC to the UK offices, where they will try to fix it and send it back to me (and it sounds like they will try to do it free of charge except my shipping it to them, if they can) but I am a little tempted by a machine that is sturdier and cuts Grand Nesties (like the Happy Cut, perhaps) or one that cuts fat dies, but not the biggest Grand Nesties (like the Big Shot) and I am just not sure which way to go.  Maybe the answer is to get the GC fixed and get a Big Shot.  I just don’t know.

Anyway, here is the layout:

Another one that is basically scraps.  The strip at the bottom was leftover, as is, from some other past layout, as was the chunk of newsprint paper.  I simply laid the newsprint paper at the 12 inch mark of my cutting mat and laying the other strip on top then stuck it in place on the zero line, ensuring I had a 12 x 12 base. All the other bits were stuff in my crop bag (a journaling spot torn out of the notebook and not used backed the title, a couple of kraft rounds added some layers, a stray leaf frond sticker, again, other bits all used on another layout, the last bit of sticky ribbon from an embellishment sheet, and I had just enough of a chunk of paper to die cut the rosettes).  The title I cut on my Cricut from scraps.  even the photo, one I have scrapped before, was a print from when I was testing my new drivers! Totally something-from-nothing.

Have a great weekend!