I’ve seen some doily envelopes that I quite like the look of, so what is on my workdesk this week is debris from my playing.

I have my Martha Stewart Scoreboard out – and sad but I had to go looking for info on how to do so as I’ve lost the little scrap of paper that came with it which explains it all.  Silly, really, that they don’t just print the info you need right on the board as well.  It’s shaping up nicely, although a lot of what I see is based on the standard US letter size width of 8 1/2 inches.  I’m trying to work it out using an A4 sheet cut to 8.25 square.  I’ve pretty much sorted the 5 1/2 x 4 inch card (which t’internet tells me is A2 size) but I’d like to see if there are other sizes I can manage.

Why am I showing you the mess on my desk?  If you don’t already know you really must pop round to see Julia and find out all about WOYWW.  Have you gotten your badge yet?  Who knows when and where you may spy one! And as this week Julia threatens to post in the middle of the night to give the overseas lot a crack at the top spots you will see me in the middle up the field.  And I’ll see you and your desk when I get up!