Quote printables


Hello there!

It’s been a while since I did a printable so I am adding one today.

This is a 4-page PDF.  There is a set of B&W ones and a set of colour ones, 3×4 ish, with some wiggle room in how close you cut the borders.  All the text is shown here. The font is called Surfing Bird.

Now I have to go hunting for info on die cut machines.  I loved my Grand Calibur but today, doing a really standard process (emboss only with a Nestie) I hears something ratting around inside.  Something broke, not sure what, and it is  just over a year that I had it.  Perhaps I should just give in and get a Big Shot.  I use Julia’s at the crop, and I like it well enough but it won’t take the Grand Nesties.  Annoying to say the least.

7 thoughts on “Quote printables

  1. These are so nice
    thanks for sharing

  2. Hi I just joined UK SCRAPPERS today and found my way to your lovely blog. My friend and I both had the same problem with the callibur……….. it is fixable and is a manufactoring prob. Apparentley if the screws are not tightened properly in the factory they work their way loose over a period of time. my retailer ( craftsite ) was excellent and sorted mine in 2 days my friend dealt with crafters companion and they were no help at all. hers is with the distributor now. just thought this may be a help

  3. Greeting from the US of A, thanks so much for the printable, I love it! And your blog is delicious, I am reading through everything. Have a great Monday.

  4. Hi, I killed mine too! I now have a Happycuts from Artemio. Its on the table in the shop if you would like a play. Tracey Shopkeeper Gal

    • I may just do that at the next crop – I looked at that one, but went with the better know GC. Maybe that was a mistake 🙂 You are about the third person who told me they killed theirs!


  5. That’s really poor. Given the relatively basic function of such a machine and the price, I’m surprised it is not still in guarantee! A couple of years’ worth wouldn’t hurt them . . .

  6. Oh god, that’s annoying. The big Shot PRO will I think, measure up to your Grand Nesties. Im with you, I like the big shot well enough becasue it does the job..I think the ‘book’ of shims is a damn nuisance though!!

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