BIG CARDS – Jack of Spades

Oh this one was so fun!  I have a girlie day planned with DD before an appointment, so I have been rushing to complete this.  It is a case of a couple of things I’ve done/seen recently coming together. First, I teach a technique class at our local crop.  That is almost too grand a word, teach. I usually try to do something that is easy, with minimal supplies that I expect most people will have, and takes only a short time to demo and do.  And yet I am surprised to find a lot of people DON’T have stuff I don;t think I could craft without.  But I digress… Last time I did the watercolour covered with cling film technique.  Old hat for many.  I shook it up a little by using things like distress ink misted, watery acrylic paint, Cosmic shimmer mists, colour spray, as well as the usual watercolour.  Most of them came out, to one degree or another.  Then I got my Cloth, Paper Scissors email blast and guess what they featured?  Yep.  Same technique.  I couldn’t ignore the coincidence, so it got me thinking about my card and the effect of black watercolour over coloured paper.

I took a chunk of an old Basic Grey sheet and liberally covered it with thinned down watercolour.  The paper has some sort of coating on it so the paint did not sink in to it, but lay, resting on the surface.

  I immediately covered it with cling film (Saran Wrap in my head LOL!) and left it in a sunny spot on the counter to dry. The trick is to scrunch the film on the surface to create both pockets where the background card can be seen as well as areas where the paint pools.

Wait for it to fully dry.  don’t rush it. Peel off the film.  It will release easily.

Cool. Great effect for little effort. I did smudge a little Tumbled glass over the “whiter” areas to make them pop a deeper blue.

Next I stamped a text stamp.  Then I laid out a large piece of bubble wrap on the desk. misted it with a blue Cosmic shimmer, and laid the surface of the card over that.  Somehow taking the art to the bubbles gives a clearer impression, with no drips ad the CS mist runs.

In cleaning up, I looked at my paper towel and liked what I saw.  I had seen a link on Scrap Scene to a video about printing on paper towels and had a few ideas about that. The original uses spray adhesive and cardstock.  I just ironed on the paper towel to some freezer paper and trimmed to A4 size.

I added the small strip of tape to the end (clear not masking for me – this is just to give your printer something to grab on to, a bit like the thicker edge on transparencies)  folded it to the back to stick, and sent it thru my printer.

In the end the clean-up paper towel was too dark, so I did it again with a clean one and just printed.

I love a nice grungy font. I also like how neither the ironing nor the printing process flattens out the embossed pattern on the paper towel.

I cut it out, leaving the freezer paper in place, then stuck it on.  It remains to be seen how permanent it is.  I have the OTHER colour option so I want to play with that and see if Mod Podge, UTEE, spray sealant, or Glossy Accents will affect it and how.

Of course all the sparkly detail is lost in the overall shot, but it looks fab IRL.