WOYWW 148 – cracked glass technique with Alcohol inks

Well hello WOYWWers! Badge acquired, from  fearless leader Julia – and if you don’t have yours yet, do pop over and send her your mailing address.  You can send her your email but that will only get you a virtual badge and not the real thing!  I have mine pinned to my purse/bag so I feel all official.  AND the vast majority of the upgrading is really, really done so this is the week I get back to my blog visits, finally and for sure.  What a relief!

Now, I have a couple of things on the go at the moment.  First I have to share something that I was playing with yesterday.  Cal does a spot on UKS on Thursdays where she shares a technique.  As we always have new people joining in on UKScrappers it’s a mix of tried and true things (like basic embossing) and more …advanced?  Depends on your level, I suppose.  Anyway, the point is back in January she shared the Cracked Glass technique.  Layer on layer of UTEE on cardstock, then leave it to cool (or put it in the freezer for a bit) then flex the surface so cracks appear.  I’ve seen it done before where you swipe ink over the surface but back when I was loading the tut into the Homepage it occurred to me that alcohol inks might sink thru the cracks to the paper below and give a cool effect.  It did (or at least I think it did!)

I posted that on UKS to share and then thought What if I heat THAT and re-melt the UTEE?  I had a moment of pause, because I know I have read or seen Tim himself say heating (or was it spraying?) alcohol ink is not recommended, but I did it anyway.  I barely had time to do that when a member, Snipper, suggested it in a reply.  I had planned on finishing up my other project then going back and doing some more samples, but I ended up sharing it anyway.  Check it out!

Fab, isn’t it?

So that it def. a playtime thing for today.  The OTHER thing on my desk was something I thought of at the crop, after trying Julia’s TH rosette die.  I’ve always done rosettes by hand, with a score board, but as I was making the ones for my layout (maybe tomorrow for a share of THAT) I was considering how I might make a rosette with multiple papers.  So that is what I am fiddling with.

You can just see the strip of two patterns to the left (actually cardstock and one pattern for this one) and the partially finished rosette.  I really like the way they are turning out. I can’t wait to try out the idea using the DIE next time (note to self: must ask J to bring die and Big Shot to next crop!) for another idea I have.

BIL is off till later, walking the Salisbury plains but we have to meet him for dinner in Winchester,  and DD needs Mom for a few shopping stops, so I’ll be popping round as many desks as I can early today, and finish up tomorrow.  Have a great WOYWW!!


The latest on Blogger issues:  OFFS!  Now on some blogs, clicking the comment link causes Blogger to try to download a page but I still cannot comment.  I can’t tell if it’s the new router, the crap Talk Talk connection, the new OS or some other totally unrelated issue!  I suspect that as I had to download so much stuff (over a gig) to effect and correct issues with the upgrade, my ISP is throttling me – and it’s only the 11th so I have no idea.