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Well, the upgrade is done (and thanks to DH for sorting that out – Happy Anniversary to you too Sweetie!) but there is a lot of broken stuff.  I’m working my way through it.  Some things won’t ever work in this version, like my handy-dandy PDF Lab program that helped me create multipart PDFs.  It was a small and free and fabulous bit of kit but it doesn’t work in the newer OS.  Shame.  But I did find that I can create multi-page PDFs easily by just creating the single ones, opening them in Preview, and dragging all the thumbnails into one of the sidebars and saving the changes to that PDF in the new OS, then changing the Quartz filter to reduce the file size.

And that lets me share this little set I had been working on.  I hope you will LMK if they work using this new method. I am most interested in the print quality.  The full quality file is almost 8 MB while the smaller one is under 500kb.  It prints fine for me but does it for you?

While they are certainly usable in various ways for Project Life photos, that was not the original intention. As you can see there is a little bit of “wiggle room” built in, so you can shift the edge left or right and not cut off the words.  It’s actually a little more than you can see here.

They work for both 4 x 6 portrait or landscape, and if you trim them you can use them across the short side.

The blocks have a slight “jeans” texture to them.  The PDF has different placements of the text, including some for the bottom edge.  Hope you rind them useful.

Appleworks works, but the lag is huge. DH tells me OmniGraffle (something we used back in the NeXT days, that he still uses) will do the job for me.  I need to find the time to have a play and see.  My HiTi printer needs a new driver installed and I haven’t tested out the scanner yet. The Epson Printer seems OK. Intaglio is crashing every time I try to rotate anything.   I need to  load up PSE 10 (hell, once I FIND it!  I bought it but needed to wait for the upgrade to load it so I stashed it and am not sure where…DOH!) then I’ll try solving actual problems as they arise, instead of hunting for them.

All that plus crop cooking and packing and cleaning for BIL’s arrival on Easter Sunday…..