Everybody loves Hexagons! for SCAL

A question came up on UKS about Hexagon templates.  I made the little Hexagon book (in the sidebar, right) and had an .SVG file hanging about from that, so I had a bit of a play.  While I know I could hand-cut the hexagons (maybe even faster than setting it up with SCAL) they will never be as precise as the machine cut version.

Let’s say you wanted to “fussy cut” the motifs from paper like this.

Here’s how it works.  Download this SVG file – it is 4 hexagons in a row, spaced out.  I can’t add the file here on my blog as wordpress doesn’t allow .svg files to be uploaded so I’ve created a DropBox file.  I HOPE you can download it by clicking this link then right clicking and selecting Download. Open it in SCAL and position it. Be scrupulously careful about your positioning as the waste cut is going to be your positioning template.

Cut the file.  Remove and save (or discard) the hexagons.  You want the strip with the openings. Mark the corner.  You will forget which one it is if you don’t, I promise you!

Cut your paper so the motifs are central and no bigger than 2 1/2 inches wide.

Use the openings to position your paper – you will see the area you want to cut thru the “template” – don’t skimp on this.  I did (or maybe the paper isn’t an exactly repeating pattern) and mine are not perfect. Press them firmly on to your cutting mat.  Remove the template.

The little cuts may look very random, but cutting the file again will cut the motifs as hexagons.

See what I mean about taking care with your positioning?

Save the file and the paper template.  Every time you cut the file, use the template to position your motifs.  Nifty, humm? And you can obviously scale the template to get bigger or smaller hexagons, or copy it to get a full cutting mat of them.

And do let me know if the Dropbox thing doesn’t work.  To be honest it’s not rocket science, you can probably make your own in minutes.

Have fun!


Housekeeping and promised items

Phase two complete – backup done and now the tricky bit of upgrading one of the hard disks to boot in the new OS while leaving the old one as is, just in case there are weird problems I don’t anticipate!  DH says this is a longer process than I expect.  Maybe he’s just stringing me along LOL!

Last week I had added a few things and commenters either made suggestions or requested alternatives.  Nikki liked my ARGH! and DOH set but thought it might be nice to have empty circles so she could tick them for the number of times in a day she had that thought.  So here is a set for her – one set of the coloured ones and one of the grey and brown.  Of course anyone can grab them here.

Ronelle liked the idea of my Virginia block, but as a long-time resident of CA wanted one for that.  As DH was born in San Diego (and many relatives still live in CA) that was no hardship!  I hope she likes this one, which anyone can grab here: