BIG CARDS – King of Spades!

So happy to move on to a different colourway.  I expect I’ll be relieved to move BACK to red with the hearts. And, horror of horrors I find my whole process is in jeopardy as there seem to be a few cards missing from my deck!  I suspect I used them for a project and forgot when I began this.  I have a solution, using the Jokers and some creative Photoshopping, but I would prefer to source another deck.  Problem is I did check at Tiger last week to find they don’t have the BIG DECKS there.  Not sure if it is at the moment or if they will no longer carry them.  Typical me.

Technique for this could work with an embossing folder, perhaps, but I used one of the 10 Second Studio hard embossing plates as I wanted the more clean-lined grid so it looked a bit like screen door mesh rather than the grungy TH Sizzix folder look.  and it was bigger. This is a bit of the other side of the plate as I wanted a little border slice.  The sandwich on my Grand Calibur was pink GC embossing plate-10SS embossing plate-cardstock-tan embossing mat then a piece of thick cardboard from the back of a watercolour paper tablet.

After embossing, I rubbed some very old rub-on luster paste, trying to JUST hit the raised embossing.

Loved how it turned out.

Then I tried another thing I have been thinking of.  I mixed up some gold embossing powder with some Distress Embossing powder.  Stamped and embossed.  It’s hard to see in a photo, but the release crystals rub off of the bits with the DEP and the gold stays gold and does not rub off.  It gives it a both shiny and distressed effect that I like.

I am tempted to hoard the distress crystals to add them to other powders to see what the effect might be.

I added a stamped image dusted with Pearl-ex – of course the golds were very different but I think I can live with that. Loving the dimension.

I added another of the film-strip slices from that magazine to make the central strip wide enough.

and DONE!

Now the computer issues.  I have the new router, but I thought you might laugh to see my existing set up, where I am forced to work until the other technology tasks get completed, and how I expect it to be once it’s all done.

My windowsill is FULL of boxes, all needed.

Under my desk is a collection of power strips.

There are more on the OTHER side of my desk under the computer. Almost ALL of the stuff on the window will be replaced once it is all hooked up to the new router!

and I am working in a 12 x 12 inch bit of space on the corner of my cutting mat.

Now I have to put dinner in the crock-pot, tidy up what I can so I can actually do some proper work, and finish up some housewifely tasks like laundry and dishes.  Oh joy!