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Well, I am quite happy to say that the new router has been installed (YAY!) and now the list is smaller.  We need a new VOIP phone, and to find the Mac OS disks for my upgrade, and my geek-squad in the states need to sort our why the mail server is being so flakey. In the meantime I thought I would share a set of ATC-sized spots that I made for myself.  I love red and cream so I made them to suit me but perhaps someone else might find a use for them.

I’ve added them as both a PDF for printing and cutting, and as a .png in case any digital scrappers might grab them. 

Some of them have meaning for me outside the words themselves.  Insanely Great will be obvious to Mac fans.  Forever and a Day is how my dad always signed his cards to my mom,  I love you forever and a dayLife is Sweet is both a saying and a favourite movie title.  Lucky Lucky Me is a line from one of DDs favourite Charlie and Lola episodes.

They look nice printed on cream cardstock.  Most have a nice open area for layering or even little bits of journaling. They could be trimmed down and added to the corner of a photo then used in a Project Life sleeve, if the photo had a big enough open area or something unsightly you wanted to hide.

Have fun, while I am browbeating my poor DH into dragging his unwell self to the office to find those bl**dy disks…. well, I did make him soup for lunch after all.  It’s the least he can do….

One thought on “Printables to share

  1. Just wanted to say thank you for all the printables you have made for us lately. As I read blogs through google reader I am very bad at coming over to comment (not through inclination but because my internet connection is totally naff!!! Roll on broadband now hubby has a job!)
    Particularly liked the gaming ones as my older son is rarely seen without a game machine or computer in his hands!!! I’m planning to start project life soon so they will be well used!!
    Thanks again xxx

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