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Printables to share

Well, I am quite happy to say that the new router has been installed (YAY!) and now the list is smaller.  We need a new VOIP phone, and to find the Mac OS disks for my upgrade, and my geek-squad in the states need to sort our why the mail server is being so flakey. In the meantime I thought I would share a set of ATC-sized spots that I made for myself.  I love red and cream so I made them to suit me but perhaps someone else might find a use for them.

I’ve added them as both a PDF for printing and cutting, and as a .png in case any digital scrappers might grab them. 

Some of them have meaning for me outside the words themselves.  Insanely Great will be obvious to Mac fans.  Forever and a Day is how my dad always signed his cards to my mom,  I love you forever and a dayLife is Sweet is both a saying and a favourite movie title.  Lucky Lucky Me is a line from one of DDs favourite Charlie and Lola episodes.

They look nice printed on cream cardstock.  Most have a nice open area for layering or even little bits of journaling. They could be trimmed down and added to the corner of a photo then used in a Project Life sleeve, if the photo had a big enough open area or something unsightly you wanted to hide.

Have fun, while I am browbeating my poor DH into dragging his unwell self to the office to find those bl**dy disks…. well, I did make him soup for lunch after all.  It’s the least he can do….