More Printables – I call them roundsquare

I love this shape and have wanted to make some printables using it and since I am still fairly dead-in-the-water til the new router gets here I figured I might as well have a play.  12 monthly cards.

Now, if you look closely at the rounded ones – I thought I would have a go at rounding the outer corners but I actually prefer them square. You can see that neither of  the rounders follow the lines of the coloured block perfectly:

The larger rounder does mimic the curve nicely if you round the INSIDE block that fits over the colour:

You could do the same with a journaling block (maybe grid paper) or just write a little bit in the top section.

I found the colours printed pretty vividly using the Glossy Paper setting on my printer, where a Matte setting was a bit duller.  Hope you can use them.  Hope I am back online fully by Monday!