Family printables

I’ve been offline for most of the whole day.  Thankfully DH is hoping to be able to go to work tomorrow where, with luck, our new router will be delivered.  YAY!  It’s a Fritz box and I have high hopes that I can reclaim some of my windowsill, which now houses the router, the VOIP phone box, a camera on a tripod (part of the Security Spy set up) and at least two other boxes I am not entirely sure WHAT they do.  Not to mention being able to dust without worrying I’ll knock a cable loose.

With time on my hands I played around with a few design ideas.  This is one.  Just a little filler card – I left one blank in the middle in case you want to add a name (either your family name or a child’s name) and if so the main font is establoFat. Grab the PDF here.

I haven’t yet sorted out the alternative to Argh! and DOH! that a commenter asked about.  I will hope to get to that before Monday – and oh I am so looking forward to BIG CARDS that aren’t red for a change. Yippee Skippy.