Something I am playing around with

I was playing around with an idea for a printable – sized at 4 x 6 so usable for Project Life, I thought something highlighting the states might be fun.  I lived in Virginia so it was an obvious choice for the first one.  Have a look and if it appeals you can do two things – first, you can comment saying which state you are interested in, and then, when doing so,  you can add any state landmark or location or bit of info you would like to be included.  No promises I can get them all in, but I know just from doing VA that choosing which of the big Universities to include really stymied me.  Did I go for William and Mary, surely one of the most prestigious?  VA Tech or James Madison, two of the most popular?  And would anyone use a state printable if they were from Southern VA and all the “famous locations” were in NoVa?  In the end it might end up being just an insurmountable task to pick things for each state that are of universal appeal (and how an East Cost girl living in the UK is going to pick the RIGHT popular place for say the mid-west, well I just don’t know!) but it’ll go one of two ways – either a ton of people will comment and from those I can cull a list, or only a FEW will comment in which case I would consider making a custom one.

This is the basic concept, and the PDF for just this one is here:

I went with B&W cause I am loving the stark contrast, but may consider some gray.  B&W works with ANY colourway, so it seemed sensible.

I did also consider City ones (NY, London, Paris, Tokyo, Sydney) but again, not sure.  But like I said, it was just something I was playing with.