Internet Acronyms printables

Well, it went faster than I thought so here they are.

I’m really into the printables that are designed to work as both journaling blocks as well as photo frames.  I think it provides the best of both worlds, so to speak.  If you have a lot to say on the topic you can use the block for lots of text.  If not, or it you just want a little added decoration, you can use the block with a photo added, as shown.

As usual the colours are my choice but you could easily lay a block of some other colour over them using PSE and make them any colour you like. The steps are as follows for PSE:

  • Open (the PDF) With PSE
  • Use the Magic Wand to select the colour box
  • Click the top one of the overlapping boxes icon (in the tools sidebar, at the bottom) to Select Foreground Colour
  • Use the color picker to select the colour
  • Click the Paint Bucket icon
  • Click on the selected area of the printable with the paint bucket
  • Click Select>Deselect in the top menu bar

then print your selection! Easy Peasy lemon squeezy!

The ones is this set (which I am calling Set 1 as I have a list of other ones to do at a later date) are:

  • TFS – thanks for sharing
  • FAQ – Frequently asked questions
  • AFK – Away from Keyboard (the photo is of the kids on holiday actually AWAY from their laptops/iPads for a change!)
  • NBD – No big deal
  • WYSIWYG – What you see is what you get
  • IYKWIM – If you know what I mean

I have a few more that I think may be appropriate.


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Paper city

I stumbled across this paper city printout set and was enchanted.  Not 100% sure how I will use it but I know I will – it’s too cool.  I only wish there were a London!  The paris one of just so full of whimsy.  I wish I had some free available space to display it but the surfaces in my room are just too full of papercrafts!

I’m working on a set of printables but have a full day ahead and may not get them finished in time to post today.  There’s quilting, tidying, shopping, a friend coming for lunch, admin stuff for UKS and probably a handful of things I’ve already forgotten!

But maybe you will have a fabulous idea for these printables while I get mine sorted!