WOYWW 146 – arty play


Time for another WOYWW hop around the net!

I’m having a bit of a play date with my waxed paper.  I had a few ideas I wanted to test out.  But first a bit of a play with modelling paste.

I tried mixing the paste with spray ink, and it worked.  The stencil I used was quite thin, perhaps too thin,  as the paste, which wasn’t actually super runny even with the ink added, drifted under the edges.  Fine for a very arty application but not if you want it really precise.

Now the waxed paper.  I thought I might be able to iron on the wax (using the traditional resist technique often seen with Distress Ink over it) onto paper painted with acrylic paint.  Worked a treat. I used a brayer to apply the paint, which gave it a super smooth finish and the thin coating dried fairly quickly.

I crumpled the waxed paper then opened it out and ironed the wax onto the surface.  Then it got a spritz of spray ink and that got daubed with a baby wipe.  You can just about see the two-tone colouring here in the lower right.

Maybe better here?

Then similar, ironing the wax onto a plain bit of white card, and again, spray ink over it.  Love this one.

I have a few more ideas that I will be testing out – one of them may very well appear on Monday for the Ace of Diamonds, my last in the suit of my BIG CARD project.

So that is what I am playing with today.  As you can see in the first photo my “desk” is till my small folding table. At the moment my actual desk is covered with stuff that I haven’t had the time to tidy away as I try to sort out my computer issues.  Now that DH is seriously unwell with some nasty virus, it looks like I may have to wait a little longer for my upgrade, and hopefully an eventual resolution to my issues. Poo.

Be sure to stop of at Julia’s to see the whole linky list of worldwide workdesks.  You will be inspired for sure!


40 thoughts on “WOYWW 146 – arty play

  1. Ohhh this looks all very interesting and right up my street. I’m definitely going to have a play with wax paper.
    Sorry to hear your DH is poorly. Hope he feels better very soon.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #123

  2. your experiments look great! and i hope DH gets well soon. happy WOYWW and thank you for sharing,
    hugs, #26 peggy aplSEEDS

  3. Very interesting Special Effects, thanks so much fro sharing.
    Keep smiling and creating

  4. Hi Mary Anne, love your experiments this week – the ones using the wax paper caught my eye, the green one is particularly nice. Saw wax paper used in a demo recently after it was run through an embossing machine – it was then ironed on to white card and then the demonstrator inked the card to reveal the pattern. All I have to do is find some wax paper 🙂 Elizabeth x #73

  5. The sight of an ironing board on my WOYWW post has caused major distress to many, and now I discover it is used in papercraft too. I love the effects that you achieved. #85

  6. Wow! What a cool idea! I love how the wax paper ironing turned out! Well done you!
    xoxo Karen #169

  7. I love your green piece, nice and bright and the patterning isn’t as subtle. Wax paper fun!

  8. Great tutorial about wax paper backgrounds, thank you. And I’ve used the modelling paste with brass stencils to good effect. You’re right, the slightly heavier and more rigid stencil gives a more precise pattern. I used acrylic paint to colour it once it was dry. If I can find an example (or make another) I’ll post it.
    Ros. #40

  9. That looks a very interesting project thanks for sharing

    have a happy week xx

  10. I can’t quite get how you did the wax backgrounds but they sure do look amazing 🙂
    Happy Woyww’ing
    Minxy #23

  11. Oh that works really well…the eqiuvalent to Reynolds here is about £12 a roll, so watch you aren’t mugged at a crop..! Been catching up (as I have to do, all the time)..sorry DH is so unwell, poor thing. Your quilt is lovely, am serioulsy beginning to wonder how you make time. And I love the icons as printables, Game On is usually shouted at the beginning of a darts match here….but I’m completely unsure if we picked it up from your side of the pond or not!

  12. Great photos of your desk/work. What kind of camera do you use? Great lighting and such. And thanks for sharing your background and such. I’m loving all the ideas today! 🙂

    Happy WOWW! #38

  13. Nice stuff! I like it, regards from 136!

  14. Hi, those backgrounds look beautiful. Great technique. Hugs Rita xxx

  15. Well now *this* is really cool! That red background is lush.

    Susan #128

  16. what cool backgrounds!

  17. That is a really cool technique! I may have to try this on a gourd!! It would make a fabulous pattern look for a dress. Mwhahahahahahaha! I hope your Hubs feels better! Warmly, Tracy #34

  18. Oh wow that looks great fun! Thanks for sharing this WOYWW, let the snooping commence! Take care Zo xx 22

  19. Thanks for the lesson and I really like seeing new methods… and that two tone green paper is just perfect…happy woyww… Trace #50

  20. Ah you can beat experimentation with technique and media what a glorious desk…

    dx @ 74

  21. Gorgeous colours, that green is stunning.
    Sophie no.88

  22. Super effects… I love playing around with wax paper but the stencil paste colouring looks good too.
    JoZarty x

  23. Great technique, must have a go at this one. Nice tidy desk too. Regards, Anne #66

  24. I love using wax paper as well (great examples). My favourite is to cut a square, fold into four and screw it up around the point so that when you unwrap it you get a sunburst effect – makes great inked cards.
    Not use it over paints before so will try that one out as well.

    Ann B

  25. You have really achieved such an interesting effect using the wax paper. Always amazed at the creative things people are doing on their desk.

  26. Sorry to hear hubby is sick. I myself just got over serious computer issues but it looks like it hasn’t kept you from getting crafty somewhere. you are a true artist! Happy Woyww! #47

  27. Great projects! I keep meaning to get a craft iron for things like this… not that I use my domestic one for much ironing so…. Have a great day. Helen, 21

  28. that looks so much fun,enjoy your crafting

  29. Great technique. Thanks for sharing the results with us. I look forward to more in the future. So many things to see and do and so little time. Have a great week. Vickie #48

  30. I have not attempted working with wax, but it looks like fun! Thanks for the idea!

    Sara S. (#27)

  31. That is really amazing, the more I look at blogs the more wonderful things I am discovering. Thanks for saying how it is done. I love the two tone on the green one.
    Von 🙂

  32. Fabulous backgrounds with the wax paper technique. I love the two-toned colors you created. I do something similar but in reverse where you lay down one color add the wax, then add the second color. Then you remelt the wax and remove it with paper towels. This leaves you without the shiny finish. Dani32

  33. ohooo poo! it won’t let me use my email again…I don’t know why…it’s my email! Anyway…I said that I loved your papers, think I’ve done something similar ages ago, and scanned them into the computer…have to hunt out my brayer and where I saved the papers! Happy WOYWW
    ((Lyn)) #20…
    I’ll use a deferent email this time!

  34. What a wonderful way to play. Love the way they look. can’t wait to see some more. #18

  35. You’re always up to something uber amazing, I’m rather jealous!! Great technique, turned out brilliantly.

    Brenda 2

  36. I can’t seem to leave a comment on your blog. I had the same problem with Brenda, but realized I got too excited and kept posting more comments. But I left and came back to yours. Sorry if I miss you. I wanted you to know I have tried the second technique, but never the first. I’ve read you need to have your spray mists far above your stencils for them to work properly, or they leak under. Happy WOYWW from # 7.

  37. I’ve tried the second technique, but never the first. I like how you experiment, though. I have read that stencils don’t like spray ink to be too close to the stencil because it leaks under. Happy WOYWW from # 7.

  38. Wow! when you say Iron on – do you mean with an iron you’d use on clothes? Can you tell I’m new at all this!!! 😉

    Love the effect of all your projects.


  39. WOW!! this has turned out fabulous with the wax paper, I hope DH is better soon, Have a great week, Hugs May x x x No 9

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