Online Life printables

I’ll start today with a set of printables.  Just a couple of “filler card” sized blocks and some circle to punch.  I suppose there are very few people who don’t play, or have kids that play, Angry Birds.  I resisted for a very long time but as our iStore account is linked, I got a copy when DH got a copy.  It just appeared on my iPad one day and as it was there, I had a go.  Big mistake.  It’s addictive for sure.

I found a very talented and generous designer named Silvia who had a set of icons.  Free to use for any purpose, so I made them into a little set of printables.  Is GAME ON a very British saying?  Not sure – I feel like I had heard it back in the USA, but don’t know for sure.  The other thing worth mentioning is the paper I used to print – this was a pack labelled “Linen Paper” at the £ store.  It’s fab.  It works with my Epson printer (not all cheap paper does – on lots the ink just beads up and never really dries) and the colour is great.  I’m sure the photos will not do it justice!

So vivid. There is one small change from the photo to the PDF yo can download –  the little dotted circle s a bit wider, closer to the outer circle.

The other set is just a simple journaling card with an icon strip – also with small circles for embellishments.

I hope you can make use of them.

Now, mostly for my baby sister, my quilt done.  In reality all the photos looks pretty similar, from the strips laid out in rows, to it being done minus the binding, to bound and complete. But It IS done – the binding was hand sewn and it did take hours, but turned out nicely – even the mitred corners.  Not perfect, not like my MIL’s work, but good. It is all straight and even, despite the weird photo angle.

And the back is good too, with the quilting rows even.  I would use a longer stitch next time but this is fine.

Today we are getting up VERY early to drive to Southamptom for a Drs appt for DD, so this is a scheduled post.  IF my t’internet co-operated.  Frankly I am ready to throw my whole set up out the window, but maybe when I get up it will have magically righted itself!