Some printables I’ve been playing with

I have a few printables that I started, then, for one reason or another, never went further with them.  Either I planned on a fuller set, or I wanted to tweak them in some way.  I tweaked, where needed and decided I’d just throw them out there.  If you like them, feel free to grab them and use them.  The first is a set of boy- and girl-coloured journaling spots.  There is plenty of room inside for the kids to write their own words.  I thought that might be a nice idea.  They cut just shy of 4 x 6 so should work fine for PL book projects.

The pink is a more dusty rose IRL.  You can get that single page PDF here.

Next, another set of journaling blocks with a companion circle to punch with a 2″ circle punch.  But I though I would mention that if you switch the colour setting in your printer to B&W or grayscale (and I know how to do so for MY printer, but no idea how you will need to do it – if you look at the print settings it SHOULD be obvious, under one of the colour management menus) you can get a gray version.  It’s not intensely coloured but if you prefer it to my choice of colours it may be an option for you.

The colour version is a sort of dusty blue and lime.  You can get that PDF here.

I have a few more that are in the same state – just waiting for me to finish them off – a bit like the quilt LOL!  Just need to read up on binding a little bit more then I can call that done.

Have a great Saturday!