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Quilt – nearly done

Still sewing.  I’ve managed to get the whole of the quilt, save the binding, done.  Yay! It’s a bit of a technique practice, as I’ve done quite a few things I’ve not done before.  And thanks to the Missouri Star Quilt Co. tutorials I felt confident giving them all a go.  First, and this is buried in this video about creating a bias binding, I did the string piecing.  The is where you sew continuously, to join sets, without back-stitching or anything, then simply snip them apart.  In theory I can see how this would work, as the joining seams have both ends encased in other seams.  That was what I did when re-piecing the long strips that I had foolishly cut from my original jelly roll when I had a different plan for the fabric. Sorry it’s a little blurry – I had already trimmed the sides before I uploaded the photos so wasn’t aware it was so bad.

The, I had a bash at the Quilt as You Go method.  While I did manage it, it wasn’t without struggles, so I can see why I’ve seen MANY people mention this method is best for smaller quilts and table runners.  Mine ended up 40″ wide by 60″ long, so not massive, but not really small either.  I was happy with the seams on the back – they look neater than I expected, knowing my tendency to let my attention wander and to end up with less than straight lines! Hard to see here, I know:

I tried 505 spray basting – love it.  It really held the backing flat so I got a pretty smooth back.  Occasionally one of the rows would have a little extra width between the two lines of sewing but not so bad I felt compelled to pick out and re-do.  And about the backing – I had to smile when I saw the designer and I share a name, and spelling!

So here it is pieced and quilted.  Next comes the binding, and I may give the machine binding from that video a go.

Now I am wondering if I should maybe use this to try out machine quilting.  Yes, it is “quilted”, with the rows that add the strips creating the quilting lines through all three layers, but the video on scribble quilting looks fun (actually that may not be what it’s called but the link is right.)  Never machine quilted before, unless you can call the straight lines around each block of DS’s tee shirt quilt machine quilting!  With the thin rows it seems the perfect chance to do that as the areas are small and clearly defined.  Haven’t decided that yet!

And finally I am in love with the ease of this jelly roll pattern, From 3 Dudes Quilting!  SOOOOO cute, sooooo easy, and I just happen to have another jelly roll.  I also have a layer cake and … Charm pack? of the same fabric. Again, I had a plan that I am now rethinking.

Finally I thought I would share my weird little quilting space.

In the corner of the front hall, I sew on an old computer desk. Now the really odd thing is that I have been using it turned around, so the shelf that would normally hold a monitor is where the machines sits.  It’s not quite needle-at-eye level, but it is much higher up than I suspect most people would be comfortable with.  I’m tall, so hunching over the machine where it would site on a normal table is not comfy for me.

and I recently added the quilting table that came with my machine – that helped a lot with all the fabric! Plus I have a coupe of RUB style boxes piled up and full of fabric right beside me – that provides a nice table-like area for the overspill.

I’ll probably dither for a bit longer over the machine quilting question, maybe try it out on a small sample piece and see if I like the process, then decide.

I may talk DH into upgrading my Mac, as I find I can go to 10.6 and still keep Appleworks…baby steps, baby steps.  I’ll come bang up to date one day, but not today!