WOYWW 145 – a card!

I managed a card from my stamp play yesterday.  No overall shot of my desk as it’s too dark now to get a decent photo – and my desk is a mess anyway so nothing new there.

I’m splitting my time between trying to resolve the lat bit of my computer issues by readon forums that seem to address my particular problem, but only my blog hopping today will tell me if what I have done has cleared it up, playing with my new dies and a spot of quilting.  THAT is a post for another day because it is quite the saga, I fear. But for now, stamps with fun foam and dies.

Using the Lea’bilities from yesterday I made a fun stamp.  I used a bit of the waste from the circle fram and some of the small leaves.

I really like this one – I’ve been wanting a frond of leaves for a while but I’m too lazy to go looking for one.  I did see one I liked but it was in a set at £22!  Wasn’t so keen on the rest of them so this solves the problem for nothing.

I started by sticking a sheet of dictionary paper to some white cardstock.  It needs that extra weight, I think, as the pages are very thin.

It’s a French dictionary, and somehow I managed to select a page, totally at random, that contained cannabis, cannibal, and at the top cockroach!  I don;t suppose if I had picked it on purpose I could have picked a worse one LOL!

I sponged it with some of the same green I stamped, and cut it using that technique where you mark a the inside edge of a die and cut around the stamped image, then slip the die under it so the stamped bit sticks out and remains uncut.

I stamped a few more fronds, and added some black pen detail to the main frond.  A flower and a ribbon slide and it was done.

The light seems to have given the card a weird halo effect, but the black card base was embossed with a leafy mask – you can just about see it in the upper left.

Now, if you are curious about the whole WOYWW thing, you really must pop over to Julia’s (seen recently in Craft Stamper Magazine!) Stamping Ground for a looksee at al the workdesks across the globe!  I do hope I’ll get to visit and comment – if not I’ll be mourning the 200+ fonts I deleted as it will all have been in vain.  Wish me luck!

To add – anyone having the odd problem of visiting a blog then having it switch to a blank white screen, saying Waiting for in the activity window, but the page never loading?