Still making stamps


I had fun making stamps yesterday and decided to try out a few of the new dies I got to see how they might work.

I had a bit of sticky-backed fun foam laying around and that seemed to be just the ticket. I got a set of sweet little flowers, leaves and a round frame from Make The Day Special.  Emily is just home with her new baby but her DH managed to drop off a box of goodies to the crop.  These are a new brand to me, called Lea’bilities.

I knew that thin edge of the frame would be hell to get place properly in a neat circle, so having that backing meant I could peel off just the bits I wanted, and leave the backing on the debris.

I cut a back for my stamp – I have been holding on to a ton of plastic packaging – this is one of the TH embossing folder packs. I just cut a chunk from one of the windows that hold the folders.

I stuck the backing over the sticky frame, then pulled out the debris – that still had the backing on it so it didn’t stick and came out easily!

That left me with a pretty good circle – the foam stretches, so I knew I had NO chance of getting it stuck otherwise.

I just add a bit of adhesive (Herma dots) to the back of the plastic and stick it to my mount.  as the foam is squidgy anyway, I don’t feel a cushion is needed.

Ink and stamp! This is with Barn Door Distress Ink.

Not bad.  And the little flowers?  They make a nice two-layer stamp. Even the tiny little teardrops cut perfectly fine.

Stamp the shadow flower first in a light ink then overstamp with the cut flower:

Personally I think these sorts of stamps look best over something else.  The impression is not as crisp as with a rubber or clear stamp.  But I think the frame above would look great embossed, or fab over patterned paper where the softer edges wouldn’t matter as much. I’m working on another one for tomorrow, and it’s shaping up to be pretty neat. I’d like to make a card with it, because for a lot of people I know it’s hard to imagine what it will look like.  My card making skills are well rusty so that will be good anyway.

It really is making me look at my dies in a whole new way.


2 thoughts on “Still making stamps

  1. Just brilliant! Haven’t gotten to my craft room yet, but you have inspired me greatly. Great use of the adhesive to remove the waste, too!

  2. always enjoy seeing your creations. thanks for sharing

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