WOYWW 144 – dripping alcohol

Well, I had a delivery yesterday – unfortunately DD is still unwell and demanding my presence so I didn’t get a chance to play as much as I would have liked.  Today it’s all about the Color wash mists and surgical spirit.  I’ve seen some demos of dripping alcohol onto colour washed paper, and wanted to give it a go.  In he UK they don’t sell “rubbing alcohol,” which is what I assume is the preferred alcohol, based on images and videos.  Surgical Spirit (which has to be purchased from a pharmacy counter, or at least it did at the Sainsbury’s I went to) has a few additional ingredients, like menthol and castor oil.  I’m not sure if all the versions do or just the one I found. In particular I wonder what the oil might do to the effect.

Anyway, dripping the alcohol onto the still-wet inks disperses it a bit, and reveals the paper beneath.  I wanted to try it over paper that had been painted with metallic acrylic paint.  And It not only worked, it gave some nifty effects.  I especially like it when I prop the paper up and let the mist drip.

This was a mix of Meadow and a blue I mixed myself.  I love it.  You can’t see it in this shot but the paper was painted with silver paint (which I let dry fully) before misting and dripping.

This angled shot shows more of the silver but deadens the bright colours.

This one I painted with gold and misted Dylusions Vanilla Custard and Butterscotch (sounds yummy) and the spirit more spattered and less dripped, IYKWIM. It glows.

I am def. going to play more with this and it may end up on my 3 of diamonds on Monday!

I was rubbish at WOYWW visits last week due to some issues with my mail server – I had to re-acquire over 6000 messages and go back to review and delete or file them all.  Ugh.  With luck and DDs cooperation, I will do better this week.  I hate missing out on all the lovely work I see every stop on the massive WOYWW blog hop.  I simply cannot keep up with all the inspiration it provides. Hopefully if you know about it I’ll be visiting your desk soon.  If you don’t click the link and hold on to your hat!  It’s an amazing ride every week!