BIG CARDS – 4 of Diamonds

I had fun playing with alcohol inks the other week and wanted to play again.  I have some old HiTi printer paper – I’ve always loved the way the AIs work on this coated paper, it seems different to how they react on plain glossy cardstock.  The problem is that the inks react so quickly, and change without you doing anything, as they shift and move on the paper. That makes it REALLY hard to take a photo! I never use blending solution.  I don’t like to smooth and sometimes muddy look it gives.  Instead I like to pounce on the ink,  over and over, so the ink dotted felt both adds and removes layers with each contact.  I also sometimes splatter on the ink and then pounce over it. what I like is the pebbled effect rather than the blended effect you get with the blending solution.  If I pounce on a new colour over dried layers, I get a totally different look.

Splattered, then pounced, then splattered

and pounced – see how it looks less uniform and less blended?

And you can see how the additional colours don’t really mix with the dried layers but remove some to show more of the white paper:

This is two sheets, alternated.  It’s not precise enough of a process to ever get two exactly alike, even if you make them at the same time, side by side!

The paper is actually a grid of small rectangles, which I peeled off and added to the base (colour wash misted cardstock.)

I stamped the word, then filled in the open areas with a Sharpie paint pen, using a fine tipped brush.

I noticed this would have actually been PERFECT for the Five of Diamonds, given the grid is 5 x 5 with a strip of 5 blocks below, but of course I had done 5 last week.  Oh well. Not sure it is worth changing the Five to the Four and vice versa.

I had forgotten how pretty the AIs are on the HiTi paper.

DD is unwell today – she went off to school, asserting that she was FINE, even though I felt like she could have done with a day at home on the sofa, and sure enough they called at about 10:30 to say she started running a fever and needed to go home.  So while I now have a pile of goodies on my desk (read that as floor) to play with something I think might work, and am anxiously awaiting a deliver of more of what I have so I can really play hard, I may be stuck watching American Idol and the DOI Skate off with her instead.  Although she is very quick to dismiss me when she feels well, when she is feeling crook all she wants is Mom with her.  Bless.