Sunday-someplace-else (two for one!)

I see stuff I like all over the internet.  And there is a weird sort of serendipity that often happens where I see one thing and then a few days later I see something that dovetails nicely with it.  Last week I saw this Etsy shop, Puur Anders, with some fab fabric leaves, with photo printed on them.

I loved them and thought how cute would that be? to make a “family tree” using your own photos printed on leaves?  It was a passing thought, as many of my crafty ideas are, one that I filed away in my head for dealing with at a later date.

But then I stumbled across THIS blog, 100layercake,  that had instructions for making fabric leaves!

So with both the idea and the instructions, it seems like this might have to move up the creative chain.  Maybe not, as I do have quite a busy week upcoming, but it surely is closer to the top than the bottom of the list now!

“I love it when a plan comes together ” – am I  dating myself? Perhaps….