Versatile Printables for Project Life

I am really excited about this set of printables because they are so versatile!

Firstly, you can print them as they come to use as journaling spots – they are 4 x 6 so OK for Project Life, but certainly usable for layouts as well.

Cut them with square corners  then round them if you like. But there is so much more you can do with the set.  Let me walk you through it.

With a craft knife, cut a slit in the printed block just at the coloured band

I think you can see where this is going! Trim your photo just smaller than the white area and slip the bottom edge into the slit – your printable journaling spot is now a cute photo mat!

This is for the few people who have mentioned to me that they have too many photos to take up PL space with filler cards.

But wait – there’s more! The PDF also has a page of just the coloured quote strips.  Slice them into strips and you can add them to a photo, anywhere you like.

You can either cut them to fit or do what I prefer – wrap the ends to the back and secure them there.

How cute is this?

Still not done yet!

This is a little tricky, because you have to know your printer.  When you print, I am assuming you will get a little printer dialog box that pops up, letting you select some options. I’ve talked about this before but not taken the time to add detail.  Keeping in mind this is the box for my printer, and on a Mac, not a PC, look at yours and try to find the same options. First one is the page selection option.  Can you see how I have changed the pages to print to just Page 2? This will help you if you only want to print one page of the 6 page PDF so as not to waste paper! You can also select a range of pages, so page 2 to page 4 for example.

Next, let’s expand even further what you can do – looking back at your dialog box there should be a selection for handling the layout of the printed page. I’ve changed the layout to printing TWO pages of the PDF on a single sheet of cardstock.

By printing the sheets two-to-a-page you automatically reduce the size by half.  Why would I want to do THAT? you ask? OK, here’s the deal – at 1/2 size they are not QUITE right for PL 4 x 3 spaces.  The left one shows the actual 4×3 size, the right one, how it prints.  They are wide enough but not tall enough.

That is easily overcome by cutting them to the right size, centered, or by cutting them as they come then backing them with cardstock cut to the right size.

Perhaps not PERFECT but certainly usable. Now finally, on to the strips – cut them, as printed in the smaller size, and you can use them on portrait rather than landscape photos!

I hope you can see how they JUST fit across a 4 x 6.

This technique of setting the printer options should be useful for even other people’s printables whether they are in PDF or .jpg format, one page or multiple pages. I downloaded some printables from Louise at Scrapbook Printables.  I do love her style! I grabbed the screen and I hope you can see how selecting the 2-to-a-page option for a SINGLE page .jpg will print on 1/2 a sheet, reducing the size.

The full sheet is there on the left, and the right is the Preview image of how it will print in the 2-to-a-page format! You will waste the 1/2 a sheet but you can find a use for that I expect.

OK, so that has been a mammoth post, but I hope it will be useful to you and explain better some of the things I’ve been wittering on about.

Last image – here is the screen grab of the page with the strips.  That will  show you all the quotes and the colours so you can decide if you want to bother downloading them.