Sunday-someplace-else (a little hut)

I pinned a really neat bit of wall art the other day, but have since gone back to the site to see all the other stunning stuff.  This “paper quilt” (from some of  Patricia Zapata’s cut-files) is just wonderful.  I so want to make one.

And all the Project Life fans should check out this idea for filler cards:

But that is only one of a few posts for cards, and much more to be seen in her linked shop.  Have a look – you will love it.

And happy Sunday!


Printable quotes

Those of us of a certain age need only hear Daniel Stern’s voice to call Kevin and Winnie to mind instantly – some of us may find those memories conflict with the memories of Diner, but maybe that’s just me, growing up nearish to Baltimore and being a huge fan of Barry Levinson. When I think back, I can call whole episodes of The Wonder Years to mind,  and the show’s view of the suburbs jived with my memories of growing up a suburban kid. I did live in Brooklyn for a number of years, but my one clear memory is of getting off the school bus my first day of kindergarten at the stop near my Aunt’s house and walking home from there. Her house and ours were slightly offset across the back fence, so really just around the block, but you can imagine my mother’s horror when I did NOT get off the five..and came strolling around the corner shortly after.  But I digress…

The voiceover from The Wonder Years had a way to move me to tears more than just about any TV show before or since.

Growing up happens in a heartbeat. One day you’re in diapers, the next day you’re gone. But the memories of childhood stay with you for the long haul. I remember a place, a town, a house like other houses, a yard like a lot of other yards, on a street like a lot of other streets. And the thing is, after all these years, I still look back, with wonder.

Heck it almost makes me tear up even now, soppy old mare that I am.

I was looking thru some older photos, of my kids in their typically suburban neighborhood, and I though it might be a nice idea to use a few quotes for a page.  And since I am on this whole printables kick anyway, I figured why not at least size them right for PL? I can always resize them for my own use so it’s not a sacrifice to make them useful to others to begin with.

So here you go.  Just a page, five 3 x 4 blocks, simple design. Here’s the screen cap:

and a couple of shots of them cut:

I actually took great pains to try to make the text fall along the grid lines.  I printed them with the text positioned based on the parameters of the boxes at first, but I found not having the text along the lines annoyed me, so I re-did them. Do you care about stuff like that or is it just me?

Most of them are only parts of quotes, and the family one (about their old car, remember?) is modified to make it more useful, so present tense rather than past. Goggle Wonder Years quotes for more.

To be honest, all I want to do today is curl up on the sofa – I’m catching the cold DH brought home, I can feel it percolating in my system – as it would be a good excuse to gulp down the rest of Moneyball.  Yes, yes, I KNOW it’s a movie, but I would always rather read the book.  I loved Liar’s Poker by the same author so thought this one might be good too.  It is.  Excellent.  And I am not a huge baseball fan, but in fact the book is about much more than baseball.  Funnily enough when I was a kid I read and re-read Instant Reply (a football diary by Jerry Kramer, a Green Bay Packer) so many times I wore it out  – and I still keep Vince-Lombardi-time in my head.  So it seems I have a soft spot for sports stories.  Who knew?


Day cards (printables)

Finished up, printed and cut the final set I was working on yesterday. I really like them and will def. use them I’m sure.  They are sized for Project Life, but could easily be resized smaller in Photoshop.  In fact, as it is a 2 page PDF, if your printer has an option to set the LAYOUT to 2 sheets per page (and mine does) then you can print the PDF this way and get a single sheet of smaller items with zero effort.  That is the advantage of doing multiple page PDFs. Here are the two single sheets printed one to a page, producing 3 x 4 blocks:

But you can see the difference when you print two to a page here:

The smaller ones come out at about 2 x 2 3/4, a better size if you wanted to use them for a Week in the Life mini-book, for example.  This would hold true for any of my multi-page PDFs – even ones that are 3 pages would print two on one page then the third page on half of another page, re-sizing all of them nicely.  Clever, humm? As I always say, I am looking to make my printables useful in a many ways as possible.  I tested out printing a single page PDF in the two to a page layout and that works too!  Which means you can reduce the size of any PDF printable without having, knowing or using something like PSE.  Mine or anyone elses.  which to me makes them all more versatile!

And just a close up because it took me a bit of fiddling to get the curve along the S:

Have fun with them and LMK if this little trick helps you out.  I thought it was kinda nifty but them I am sort of geeky that way LOL!


WOYWW 141 – computer stylee

It’s TIIIIME! WOYWW – Our once-a-week journey across the world visiting crafty workdesks hither and yon.  As always, led by our fearless crafter and white van gal Julia.  Hopefully Mr Dunnit treated her well yesterday, and it wasn’t all bookkeeping and driving LOL!

Yes, my workdesk this week is on my desktop – still playing with printables.  I am really getting in to pushing the limits of Intaglio.  The drawing-a-path feature, and then binding text to it, is challenging me.  The tools are a bit tricky to master, but I feel like I am getting to grips with them, slowly, slowly.  As you can see one of my two monitors is completely filled with windows.  One of my favourite features of Intaglio is the little window in the upper right – it’s like a little paint pallet of the colours I’ve used for different projects, with the “swatches” stored in groups to make it easy to create companion sets that match.  I just need to drag the colour onto whatever I want.  My next experiment is creating pre-set patterns in the colours I need.

And I am still trying to determine the very best way to lay things out.  I’ve added some little corner marks to the boxes to help with cutting a borderless box that can be left straight or rounded.

I’ll sort out the final details today and hopefully have them up tomorrow.

Maybe this is just a phase, because I also have a renewed interest in minibooks as well.  I have a rainbow coloured one on the go, and a very artsy one as well, both ends of the spectrum.  And I made a layout too.  So I’m sure this blog won’t become all-printables all the time, as much as I enjoy that.  I’m just to ready to give up the scrappy, the sticky, the inky or the mess in favour of all digital art!

Now I’ll be keeping DD occupied (skating, and of all things swimsuit shopping – poor dear needs a new one and we all know how traumatic THAT is) and sneaking off to drop in to WOYWW desks as and when I can sneak in a few.  Can’t wait to see YOURS!

Happy WOYWW!

Addendum:  <sigh> I’ve taken to popping an email off if I see a WOYWW post that I can’t comment on and I love.  But can’t do that for every one.  Is anyone else experiencing weird internet problems today?  Visiting desks is like doing so while walking thru treacle!  Just wondering as DH says his internet (not the same ISP, from his office and usually a 20mb connection compared to mine at home that barely manages 1 mb) is slow too.


Social Media site printables for Project Life

A few people on UKS have been mentioning wanting to bring their Facebook wall, their Tweets, their YouTube videos and their Pinterest interest to their PL books.  It got me thinking of printables for that.  I scoured the sites in question looking for acceptable use of their logos.  Most of it seems geared towards online use (ie how to present the Facebook logo on your blog and what is and is not OK for that) or for using the logos in conjunction with some sort of print media, like a book or article.  There are a few things they all make crystal clear.  You cannot:

  • alter the logo or make something that mimics it
  • claim an affiliation with the site by how you use the logo, like integrate the logo into your blog header for example
  • portray the site in a negative way (and from what my image searching showed they have a full-time job cracking down on THAT!)
  • sell anything with the logo on it – tee shirts, mouse pads, etc.

I’ve been as careful as I can be to adhere to those rules – I take copyright very seriously, but have only a layman’s knowledge of the intricacies of it all.  If I’m wrong I’m sure someone will let me know.

Here are two of the three sheets in the PDF.  The lines are BIGGER that 4 x 6 and 3 x 4 so you can cut to size, inside the lines and then round the corners – or leave them squared off. The line of text is the site that offers a Twitter bird as a png, free to use.

and here they are cut to size and corners rounded – I think this is every one of them:

I hope you can make use of them.

And Happy Valentines day!  I have a card on my desk but it’s just not working out like I want it to – which doesn’t matter much as I have three or four that I’ve made already tochoose from to give out tomorrow.



BIG CARDS – Seven of diamonds

Sometimes, you head down a road expecting to end up ne place and you end up … someplace else!

One of the problems I have with this BIG CARD project is I only have ONE of each card.  I could go and buy another set, if I can find them, but in some ways that is kind of cheating.  So if I try something out and it really doesn’ work, and isn’t salvageable by doing something additional, I’m screwed.

I thought, due to the glossy nature of the cards, that alcohol ink would work on them.  It does, with a few caveats.

I masked off the area I wanted to cover, but the ink seeped under the tape edge.  also, the glossy coating seems to be less than full as the first pounce of the ink left me with an interesting effect.  The paper grain showed through.

Fortunately layering more ink over it seemed to give a better effect!

I’ve always done my AIs without adding the blending solution, which gives the more pebble effect that I prefer.

I also had a go at something I hoped would work and it did, kind of.  I stamped a text stamp with Versafine in the upper corner, then daubed at it with a baby wipe.  It sort of removed the black (more over the white part of the card, less so over the red of the diamond) and revealed something like white text.

It’s interesting but perhaps not totally a success.  Def. something worth playing with more.  I think it could be cool once I work out the specific steps to create the same expected effect every time.

Note sure if I am sick of working with red quite yet, but I am sure once the Diamond are done I’ll feel happy to move on to a black suit.  May go B&W, may do Black + a colour, just not sure yet.  All part of the process….

DD home from school this week, and lots going on.  I think there is some Japanese Anime in her afternoon plans for us, so glad I managed this early in th day!

Have a great one – and if you are a printables fan I would dearly love feedback on the days of the week cards I posted a preview of yesterday. With time limited I don;t really want to waste time ironing out a design that no one wants, when I can wait to do it when I need it.


Sunday-someplace-else (thirty handmade days)

Although the site is a nifty one, I am really focusing on these adorable heart-shaped strawberry cookies.  The recipe is included in the link. I would love to convince DD to make these but not sure if I can.

And as a bonus there are some cute printables on there for Valentines Day as well.

I am also still making printables and have been struggling with one that I would love a opinion on, if you are so inclined.

I’ve added the jpg in such a way so you can see the border of the borderless boxes.  I have the whole week’s worth of days done, but I wonder…. I love the look of the BIG single letter, and feel that a two letter abbreviation will ruin it.  It may be hard to see, but the day is spelled out in the little line of text (and let me tell you getting the curve for Saturday and Sunday right was a challenge!) which I hoped would make the duplicate Ts and Ss ok.  also the fill is much smoother than it looks here, low-res and reduced size (I think it’s particularly noticeable in the T for Tuesday.

I am also dithering about adding a light grid – firstly I think it will interfere with the small text line and secondly that too much pattern will make it annoying.  This way I feel like each letter could be cut as a borderless block (making the rounding of the corners easier) or even cut out around the letter and just outside the text strip.

So, wade in – useful or not?  Worth spending time on or not?  I am also dithering about a set of hours.  Designed as 2×3 blocks, I thought they could be used in a number of ways – say 7 + PM  for a bedtime for baby photo, or maybe 8 + 11 + PM for Prime Crafting Time photos (ie once the kids are in bed, or even 9 + TO + 3 for the same idea – what I do while the kids are in school sort of thing.

Any and all comments will be greatly appreciated.  While I may carry on and do them anyway for myself, I might change some of the sizes or design elements so they are more useful for others if people thought they would use them.

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Printable journaling blocks

Super quick, as I am on my way off to a crop.  I was playing around with the pattern fill in mu program and made these ans practice, but I like them well enough that I will put them here for anyone who wants them.  As with past sets they print fine for cutting on MY printer, but look back to the previous post for more on that.

Colourfulboxesone and Colourfulboxestwo

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Project Life Printables – an experiment

Not done with  these yet, but this is a simple set, mostly to test out the placement. I was upset that a few people seemed to have trouble printing the full sheets so I wanted to try a few things.

This is one of the sheets printed – no special selection, I did not TELL it to print borderless, it just printed the PDF edge to edge.  This may be a function of my printer (Epson Stylus Photo 1400) or at some point in the past I’ve set it to treat PDFs as borderless prints, I really don’t know.

and cut:

and a close up for the dotty detail:

Given that different printers have different profiles, and not everyone knows how to overcome them, I think it best to do it two ways.

If your printer cuts things off because of some pre-set border, get this set.  This set has three pages to the PDF, four months per page, in the middle of the page.

If you can print borderless, get this set. This set has 6 months per page, as in the top photo. They should be fine for US letter as that is WIDER than A4 (also shorter, but there is plenty of room top and bottom so for most people I hope it will not cut off anything.  Of course, if you do know PSE/PS you can:

  • open the PDF
  • draw your selection box around it
  • copy, open a new file
  • paste
  • print

And when doing that you can easily resize things.  Personally I think these would be cute bigger, used as a photo frame so the photo fills most of the dotty part and the month below. I may have to try to do a post talking about ways to make use of my stuff thru clever copy/pasting and editing at some point.

Likewise, if you do digital, you can:

  • open the PDF
  • click File > Save As
  • select PNG from the drop down menu
  • save

This will give you a set you can use digitally (they DO have white-fill – a digi-scrapper commented about this so I have tried to make sure all mine are filled white and not transparent)

If I have finally worked out a way that everyone who wants to can use them, then I can rest easy! Keep in mind I am not a professional designer, just someone who enjoys the process and designs stuff *I* like and want to use.



Red Letter day – Project life printables

Added:  I forget that not everyone has my exact printer or the options I have, or uses A4 size paper.  If you have the original set and find it prints with the top cut off, try selecting  BORDERLESS, if your printer has that option.  Download this set, which has the items shifted around on the page.  I’ll try to get (or cut) some US letter size paper so I can test stuff out in the future, and be mindful or pre-set printer borders. It should be redlettertight.pdf.

OK, I gathered a bit of feedback and am now ready to share.  First, a couple of people mentioned that the PL stuff tends to be rounded.  I’ve tried to address this.  The PDFhas four pages – two pages are all the items with square borders, two with square borders but designed to be cut straight then the corners rounded.

I’ve cut them using both of the EK Success rounders I have, one has a more gentle curve,  one a shallow one.  The gentle one is shown on Playlist below, the other two are rounded with the sharper one.

Of course you can look back and see the straight set looks fine cut square – which personally I prefer.

You can see all the ones in the set – Red Letter Day (for any mail of significance, as I suggested here), Ring ring (important phone calls), What’s to read (listing books you’ve read or added to your to read list), Playlist (songs on your iPod or that you are listening to a lot), What’s in My cart (weekly shopping) and What’s on (for fave TV shows.

Grab ’em if you like ’em.

I will be having a fairly stressful day, I fear, meeting with DDs surgeon to ask some final questions about a proposed surgery. Involving her wrist being broken and a metal plate fused to it, as well as her tendons cut and re-attached in a different way, it’s not a minor procedure.  I just hope I actually am able to (with DH, of course) come to a decision.  I hate the thought of my baby being put through this with no guarantee of the outcome.

Hope your day is better.  and hope you like the printables.