Hello all.  I missed out blogging yesterday firstly because I’ve been feeling not very well this week and secondly because I was struggling with some design decisions.  I think my head is too full of cold to think clearly.  On my desk you can see the debris, rather than the fruit, of my labours:

There are lots of punches, and piles of punch detritus – those MS punches produce a LOT of detritus – and up in the corner various stages of some printables I am working on.  I just can’t decide on the best size, orientation, background, anything.  It drove me crazy all day yesterday.   I really should have just curled up on the sofa and watched TV for all the good my day of designing did me. A few bits and bobs from my playing over the weekend making circle frames, that I was determined to turn into cards. More on that here, on the satellite tables beside my desk!

You may be wondering what the pins are all about – it’s my favourite way to make stick-pins safe for adding to layouts or cards.  Somehow, the mixed message you send by risking the recipient getting impaled while opening their card makes me look askance at some of the pretty cards I’ve seen featuring stick-pins.  Sure, you could snip off the tip, taking them from lethal to merely dangerous, but I prefer to do what you can see here – I do snip off the tip, then get a nice bead, fill it with glossy accents, and stick the sharp tip of the pin into the bead hole.  The glossy accents dries around the pin, holding it in place.  This is easier if yo are going to slip the pin into a bow, less so if you need the tip to function as intended, to pierce something.  But it works for me and no injuries have been reported.  The card is only in the formative stages, there are a few more additions needed, but my leafy frame, dusted with chalk (and I have rediscovered a love for my chalks, after all but abandoning them for Distress Ink over the last 4 or 5 years) is looking very delicate and pretty.  It needs a bit of a jolt of some other colour, to keep it from being too monochromatic (or maybe not, I’ve not decided yet in monochromatic is actually the way to go) but I’m getting there.

A slightly fraught day as I will be sitting by the phone, on tenterhooks, waiting for the time to call and book DD into her Disability Challenger events for the  upcoming term.  There are only 10 spaces for any given date, and 5 will have already been taken up with the 1 to 1 support needed kids, leaving only 5 spots for the rest of us.  I have her list, and alternatives, so with luck she will get a few of them.  Wish me luck.

And lest I forget, those in the know will know all about Julia and her Stamping Ground, home of the world-famous WOYWW linky thingie every Wednesday.  Those who don’t should click the link and check out the creative (and usually messy, but not always!) desks around the globe.