BIG CARDS – 5 of Diamonds

Not feeling top notch today.  It seems I have been fighting a cold for days and it really seems to have settled in.  I have a big post of chicken soup on the go and maybe that will help knock it out of my system.

But I did manage my BIG CARD nonetheless.  Tried a few things today.  I had some crayons hanging about so I shaved some bits onto the card then ironed it with a bit of acetate over it – and a few notebook sheets over that, lest the whole thing melt into a gloopy puddle.

The waxy crayons resisted the ink, which was expected, and it gave me a nice mottled surface.

I added some stencils, inking thru them, and THAT ink was resisted as well, which gave me a nice effect.

It looks weirdly dimensional.  But I like it.

I did lay a grid over the top (that was my spatter guard from the £ store) and misted red ink thru that.  Splattered on some white paint as well, and you can’t see it but there is a bit of gold Pearl-ex daubed here and there. The letters are a stencil as well.  I have a lot of stencils and really need to remember that as they work well for lots of things.  Overall this one seems a lot more freeform than some of them, which is odd for me as I tend to be more rigid in my placement of elements.  Maybe the whole process will make me let go a bit more.