Two in one day?? amazeballs


Yes, I know how rare it is for me to do more than one post in a day but as tomorrow will be a BIG CARD day I didn’t really want to wait to add this new info!

I swear I was dreaming about corner punches.  I so loved yesterday’s video technique but there was one bit that I felt I could add to.  The bits between the edge punches.  Warning – this is very photo heavy. Slow connections be warned!  Think to yourself at least there is no annoying music

We will start with Veronica’s grid idea. Print the grid – I chose to do it on fairly heavy card so I could keep it in my stash and use it over and over. Cut your circle (and mine is the largest CM circle template with the green cutting pod – about 6″ in diameter) and make your grid marks on the back of this card.  For these punches I marked every three wedges.

Connect the marks to create the full guidelines.

Fold in the wings of your corner punch.  Lining up the point with the edge of the paper, and the grid line with the centre of the punch areas, punch!

Carry on around the circle, punching the corner motif at each of the grid lines.

This is what you end up with.  So far we are right on target with Veronica’s instructions.  But now we are going to veer off in two ways.  First, I am not excellent at eyeballing things.  This is why I originally went looking for the circle grid – hey, I know my limitations and anything that will help me overcome them is welcome! This triangle on the edge is fine – if you want to keep them as part of the design, by all means stop here.  I didn’t want them for this particular punch and I knew if I just tried to trim them they would end up wonky. So I cast my eyes across my desk looking for a solution.  The simple circle punch was the answer!

Lining up the circle so just the tiny edges of the already-punched motifs fell just inside, I punched. How cool is this!?

I really like the almost Victorian edge it gives, and the fact that I now have a standard pattern, and not my eyeballed attempts to create uniformity. Check it out with a different corner!

OK, we are not done yet! The other cool thing about the MS corners is those collapsible wings.  With them pushed in, you can actually get a much deeper cut from the edge with the corner punches than you expect. If you flip it over and go back to your grid line, this time slipping that corner punch deep into your circle, at every other wedge, you can get a second layer of punches!

See how it is placed WITHIN the wedge rather than along the grid line?

Now punch this layer.

I hope you can see that if you tried to punch along the grid lines you would actually cut out the entire middle section, as the cutting lines would overlap.

NOT done yet!  Using your All over the Page punch, line up the centre of your circle with the centre of the punch – I find a dab of Hermafix will hold it in place on the base.  Put the punch over the base, using the magnets to position/secure it, and punch out the central motif.

And this is what you end up with! I added a couple of extra hole punched circles.  You can use it like this as a car topper or as a doily on a layout.

Likewise you can add a circle rather than the anywhere punch, or you could simply cut a circle out to make an open frame.

And the other version (where clearly the sun had gone behind a cloud for the photo)

I actually did one where I punched the border, then cut out the centre circle and brought the punch in from the middle, creating a frame that had the corner punch facing out on the outer edge and in on the inner edge, but it is tricky to line up perfectly and I am not 100% happy with the sample.  I’ll add it but it’s rubbish at this point and needs refining.

Just so you can visualize where I am going with it!

and finally, as if there aren’t enough photos, here is my desk:

The process does generate a lot of debris!

Have fun with it.  I think other sorts of connector punches (I have a little rectangle and a BIG triangle where I think just the tip might give a nice effect) that I want to try – I also think there might be something to using a flower punch or maybe a leaf , not sure.  You know me – I’ll likely do this to death till I feel I have exhausted the possibilities or I get bored, so there may still be more to come.

Now, I really MUST do the laundry….


3 thoughts on “Two in one day?? amazeballs

  1. What absolutely inspirational ways of using those punches … I’d never have thought of utilising them like that … will certainly be having a play now! Debbie x

  2. Brilliant – Thank you for showing us how to use the circle grid. I can see how addicting playing
    with all these punches can become – amazing

  3. You are amazing! I can’t wait to see if you have a post up every time I walk past my PC. I just know you will have something that makes my heart sing!! I had my punches out and circle grid and was playing away, but like you, life got in the way and I had to stop. Please keep it coming – I am #1 fan and really, really appreciate all you share with this amazing craft we all love so much.
    Roll on next post…….

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