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Yesterday I posted a method for punching a circular frame using my newly acquired MS punches.  I broke my cardinal rule – I didn’t check t’internet first to see if it was truly unique.  Doh!  Usually, if I come up with something in my little crafty bubble, I dash off to Google to see who else might have had the same idea.  But the punches hit my door at about 11 AM, I tore them open and started playing.  When I had some success in creating circular frames by dividing the circles I was delighted and popped it on here right away.  Then I had a thought – my method worked for 8 punched elements, but what if I wanted to make a bigger frame?  I went to Google to look for a circular grid, thinking that would be a good guide – and imagine my surprise to see the first video hit was this! (Julia, look away – I’ve bored you enough on this topic LOL!  for everyone else, I should mention the Filter Bubble here because Google clearly knows where my interests lie and I have to wonder if anyone else doing the same search would get the same results.  DH didn’t, did you? )

Clearly mine was not a unique idea!  I did watch a number of other related videos, all for making circle frames using corner punches (ok, so I think I should be forgiven as these are the very first corner punches other than rounders I own so I had no idea this was “old hat”) almost all which began (and ended) with the method I tried first, of simply trying to line up the punch and hope it joined up in a not horrible way at the end.  But Veronica made it past my step of dividing the circle in fourths to doing REAL math – punching and measuring the motif to ensure perfect placement around a circle of any size using the grid of degrees for placement.  The grid she found also came up in my search – you can find it here.  Watch the video and download the grid and you too can get the fab results you see. I particularly like her versions where the punch is un-joined, leaving a border of unpunched shapes.  Just watch it and you’ll know what I’m talking about!

Now I’m thinking I need a few MORE corner punches because some of the samples are just lovely. Google is good for shopping too ….

Needless to say I won’t bother with a video – it’s been done well already.  Really.  watch it!

One thought on “Sunday-someplace-else (Veronica at The Learning Lab)

  1. I for one appreciate your posts about this and also appreciate your research on the topic. Every technique in scrapbooking seems to have been done somewhere by someone. I read a select list of blogs so I appreciate seeing it here – I would never looked for it elsewhere. I was amazed and you made it so easy! Thanks for sharing all that you do to make me a better scrapper.

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