Printable and digital camera phone frames

So I was thinking that it might be a fun idea to have a camera phone frame. This is fairly stylized, and based on the look of my own phone so may not be right for everyone else, but you could possibly make your own version (it’s just black and white and grey after all) that looks more like YOUR phone if this doesn’t suit!

If you cut it out along the grey frame, you can then round the corners – I’ve gotten better about creating the rounded frames so the inner bit matches the outer when rounded a bit better than some of my past ones!

You can then do one of two (three?) things – either cut your photo to fit the white box as I did:

which is the easiest, or you can cut out the box with a craft knife and put the photo behind it.  Not sure the extra effort is worth it, but you might.  If you scrap digitally, you can download the .png file.  That has a clear background and a clear center box, so you should be able to drag in a digital photo.  It has no grey frame as I expect you would want to add a drop shadow and my feeling is that a grey frame might interfere – but you could add one back in if you want to. The PDF also is clear in the middle so I suppose you could open that in PSE and SAVE AS a .png but the corners aren’t rounded so not sure that buys you much!

Hope you can find some use for it!

Somehow the scheduled post wiped out the links to the files.  I’ve re-instated them!