Doing the Happy Dance!

Regular readers may recall me bemoaning the fact that my Cricut died.  In trying to sort out what the problem might be before rushing out to get a new one with old firmware so I could use SCAL, I went through a rigorous (not really) testing process, checking all the various plugs to see if I could identify one that was faulty.  I thought I had narrowed it down to the power supply, so I had DH bring mine along to a crop where someone else had one working.  Plugged in the power supply and mine turned on.  Finding a replacement power supply was not easy, unless you wanted to pay a bundle for one on eBay. I contacted Provo Craft international support (even though my machine was VERY old) and they said No problem – we’ll send you a new one!  Cue Happy Dance 1.  Weeks went by and no plug.  I emailed them again to say What’s up? and they told me they were out of stock of the UK plugs, no idea when they might be in.  After seeing A Little Hut last week I was itching to test something out.  I emailed Provo Craft again.  They confirmed the plugs were in stock and after a bit of to-ing and fro-ing over me making a new support ticket or them simply acting on the existing one from last year, they confirmed they would be sending a new plug.   Missed a FedEx delivery a couple of days ago but when they re-delivered … Happy Dance 2!

Yay! Now you may wonder what this all has to do with A Little Hut.  If you saw Sunday-someplace-else, you know she makes wonderful cutting files – I adore her paper quilt and the Project Life filler cards.  But I am a DIY gal, and if I think I can figure out how to do something myself, I’ll always give it a go.  And I knew there was the function in Intaglio to Save As .svg.  That turned out not to work as I hoped (SCAL can only handle .svgs that are vector graphics) but creating in Intaglio, converting to an image, then opening it in SCAL and doing the auto trace worked a treat! Left see the designed image and right see the cut-file in SCAL.

And cut, then backed with coloured card:

Really happy with how it turned out.  Now, people who know Illustrator or Inkscape will surely scoff, but I don’t and while I have looked at both I see no reason not to use what I have, and know, if I can.  Is it as powerful? no. But I KNOW Intaglio pretty well by now and as this is not something I plan to do a lot of, it is nice to quickly and easily test the process and end up with something I really like at the end without spending hours learning a new process.

If you like mine, do go to ALH (blog for info with  a linked shop where you can buy stuff) and see hers – they are just fab.