More Leap Year printables

Funny, but I thought as Leap Day gets closer I would be seeing a lot more themed printables – I’m not.  Maybe my Google skills are rusty.  Anyway, I had these in my head right from the start, but I was struggling to use a particular tool – the Intaglio manual is pretty brief and there aren’t the 1000s of places to see tutorials that there are for Photoshop.  It is hugely intuitive but some things are still a struggle.

The PDF is actually three pages.  It includes a page with four 3 x 4 blocks (two with a border, two without but with cutting guides) and pages with the two 4 x 6 blocks, with and without border. They are all the same colour background (white) although the photo seems to show a difference.  Now, about those cutting guides.  I found that it was easy to let your attention wander and mis-cut without them:

I am guessing that those who wish there were no cutting guides maybe are thinking they want to use them digitally?  If so, the bordered version will work for that.  Here is a screen shot – if you open the PDF in PSE (or any program that lets you do similar) you can simply SAVE AS a .png

You should then be able to mark and move the selection as you would with any .png – the grey area should appear as transparent.

While I am making these in “standard” Project Life sizes, there is no reason why any of them shouldn’t be used for scrapbooking in other ways!  I do an alternative layout every month for the Simple Recipes challenge we are doing on UKS.  I used one of the COLOR/COLOUR printables as a journaling block/title for the page I made:

It works perfectly well for that.  So do think about using them every if you are NOT doing PL.

And an annoyance – Somehow (perhaps because of something I did, who knows?) my blog got dis-associated with my Twitter account (actually me as UKScrappers)  and I lost all my Twitter followers.  So to the 400 or so people who were following me that way, sorry about that.  I didn’t MEAN for it to happen (obviously) and am so sorry if you like to be alerted to my new posts and I screwed that up. I updated my browser the other day and I am now having some odd problems.  This could be the reason for the dis-connect.  Or it could be related to some change in WordPress.  I’ve checked and my posts are tweeting again so whatever it was, is now fixed (except there are no followers LOL!)

And now I actually have something PAPER on my desk – let’s see if I can step away from the Mac and get inky for a bit.