Day cards (printables)

Finished up, printed and cut the final set I was working on yesterday. I really like them and will def. use them I’m sure.  They are sized for Project Life, but could easily be resized smaller in Photoshop.  In fact, as it is a 2 page PDF, if your printer has an option to set the LAYOUT to 2 sheets per page (and mine does) then you can print the PDF this way and get a single sheet of smaller items with zero effort.  That is the advantage of doing multiple page PDFs. Here are the two single sheets printed one to a page, producing 3 x 4 blocks:

But you can see the difference when you print two to a page here:

The smaller ones come out at about 2 x 2 3/4, a better size if you wanted to use them for a Week in the Life mini-book, for example.  This would hold true for any of my multi-page PDFs – even ones that are 3 pages would print two on one page then the third page on half of another page, re-sizing all of them nicely.  Clever, humm? As I always say, I am looking to make my printables useful in a many ways as possible.  I tested out printing a single page PDF in the two to a page layout and that works too!  Which means you can reduce the size of any PDF printable without having, knowing or using something like PSE.  Mine or anyone elses.  which to me makes them all more versatile!

And just a close up because it took me a bit of fiddling to get the curve along the S:

Have fun with them and LMK if this little trick helps you out.  I thought it was kinda nifty but them I am sort of geeky that way LOL!