WOYWW 141 – computer stylee


It’s TIIIIME! WOYWW – Our once-a-week journey across the world visiting crafty workdesks hither and yon.  As always, led by our fearless crafter and white van gal Julia.  Hopefully Mr Dunnit treated her well yesterday, and it wasn’t all bookkeeping and driving LOL!

Yes, my workdesk this week is on my desktop – still playing with printables.  I am really getting in to pushing the limits of Intaglio.  The drawing-a-path feature, and then binding text to it, is challenging me.  The tools are a bit tricky to master, but I feel like I am getting to grips with them, slowly, slowly.  As you can see one of my two monitors is completely filled with windows.  One of my favourite features of Intaglio is the little window in the upper right – it’s like a little paint pallet of the colours I’ve used for different projects, with the “swatches” stored in groups to make it easy to create companion sets that match.  I just need to drag the colour onto whatever I want.  My next experiment is creating pre-set patterns in the colours I need.

And I am still trying to determine the very best way to lay things out.  I’ve added some little corner marks to the boxes to help with cutting a borderless box that can be left straight or rounded.

I’ll sort out the final details today and hopefully have them up tomorrow.

Maybe this is just a phase, because I also have a renewed interest in minibooks as well.  I have a rainbow coloured one on the go, and a very artsy one as well, both ends of the spectrum.  And I made a layout too.  So I’m sure this blog won’t become all-printables all the time, as much as I enjoy that.  I’m just to ready to give up the scrappy, the sticky, the inky or the mess in favour of all digital art!

Now I’ll be keeping DD occupied (skating, and of all things swimsuit shopping – poor dear needs a new one and we all know how traumatic THAT is) and sneaking off to drop in to WOYWW desks as and when I can sneak in a few.  Can’t wait to see YOURS!

Happy WOYWW!

Addendum:  <sigh> I’ve taken to popping an email off if I see a WOYWW post that I can’t comment on and I love.  But can’t do that for every one.  Is anyone else experiencing weird internet problems today?  Visiting desks is like doing so while walking thru treacle!  Just wondering as DH says his internet (not the same ISP, from his office and usually a 20mb connection compared to mine at home that barely manages 1 mb) is slow too.

51 thoughts on “WOYWW 141 – computer stylee

  1. I am awfully late visiting… apologies!! Of course, you have now given me a headache just thinking about having all those windows open and two monitors… it is as much as I can do to cope with one of both!!

  2. Looks fantabulous! Makes my head spin just reading how you do it. LOL I am afraid, its way, WAY over my head. My solution to wanting some printables that are custom designed? I phone my son, sound very helpless and distressed and he always comes to the rescue. LOL
    Happy belated WOYWW and yes, commenting has been a real pain in the you know what!

  3. Just love those letters! Photoshop is something I’m still trying to learn.

  4. congratulations on being number one this week. intaglio, hmm, sounds complicated. happy WOYWW, and thanks for sharing!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  5. Wow – a digital desk! As I blog hop for WOYWW my hair is getting blown back with all the technology out there now. Wowzers! Have a great evening ~ Tracy (#162)

  6. You are very good with that program! I am hopeless with techy stuff so love to read people like you. i paged back and you have some lovely PL printables. Thank you for doing these!

  7. No internet problems here but then again I live across many oceans from you lol. Interesting stuff you are doing there
    Bridget #53

  8. We’ve been out most of the day and returned to find Miss D tearing her hair out over internet dropping off every five minutes, so guess for some reason, that you aren’t alone, but of course, have absolutely no idea why. Likewise, I love what’s on your screen. I love all the words you wrote that describe what’s on the screen. Did’t understand a word. Bet you’re glad you aren’t surrounded by people like me!!

  9. well done for being no 1 digi crafting looks interesting but won’t you miss the sticky, inky bit?
    janwt #59

  10. Although I enjoy digital tinkering your Intaglio sounds just a tad too advanced for me, however what I see in the photos is impressive. And on swimsuits, I stick to one very reliable name and forego the rest … makes choosing one a little easier. Hope you have a successful shopping trip. Elizabeth x #116

    PS: Now that I’m operating with Google Chrome I’m not experiencing any problems.

  11. While I enjoy puttering around on the computer and creating some things on it for work I just don’t get the digital craze. I think a lot of it is because like watches if I get too near a printer for too long it implodes. If you enjoy it, you go for it! Happy tinkering!

  12. Looks like fun !
    Happy PPF
    -KAT- of Kat’s Nature

  13. Looks interesting – I love getting my teeth into things like that.. Thanks for a peep at your ‘workdesk’ (Hazel, WOYW #138) x

  14. That looks all very complicated to me 🙂 x

  15. Congrats on being number so far I have only managed to get on in the hundred lol. Your digi screen looks fab have a great week
    Anne-marie x no 121

  16. Ooo fabby! Looking great! Kim

  17. Wow that looks fun, must get into using my graphics tablet more and do some designing. Take care & enjoy this week’s WOYWW. Zo xx 88

  18. Wow Number One!!! hehe Thanks for showing us your digital creations, glad that you feel like you are getting the hang of it, i have no idea about anythung like that at all. Hope you have a lovely week Lou @#91

  19. I keep thinking I should do more digital things as my pc is always switched on lol. It all looks great though! happy Wednesday

    Shell x

  20. Golly looks tecky!
    Well done for being number one! I managed to get in the eighties today!

    Happy WOYWW

  21. Yeah for being No1 ….Love the lettering ,,,I wish I was more computer savvy,,,have fun

  22. Leandra took the words right out of my mouth, totally different language as I’m more mini-books than digital. Love that font though, wouldn’t mind some of that in my journals and looking forward to seeing more of your mini-books.
    Ann B

  23. Very interested in your digital desk look forward to seeing some of the outcomes. I must say I’m stuck on the cutting, printing and colouring of paper even though I’m fascinated with computers and spend lots of time and effort on difital activities. Looking forward to the books too.

  24. I think u have invented another language cos I have no idea what you are talking about in your post but I’m nodding along as if I understand exactly. Sooooo… Your screen looks nice and colourful, and once printed I wld be a dab hand at cutting along crop marks with my mahooosive guillotine !!!

    • Congrats on your top spot! I was trying just to type in the box till I worked out I had to click reply first… doh. No way could I do what you are doing on your computer – far too techie for me!! Helen, 17

  25. Not got a clue what you are talkign about.. illustrator and photoshop for me, and then just for stamp design and photos.. like it simple!
    Happy woywwing
    Jennie #7

  26. very nice digitally inspired desk. I have a digital scrapbook program I bought but have yet to start using it. Maybe soon. Hope you have a great week and thanks for sharing. Don’t forget my blog candy is still up for grabs so drop by and leave a comment and make sure you are a follower. Vickie #64

  27. Would love to see the mini books at some time?! Have a great day hugs trace x

  28. I have never worked with this. Looks interesting.

  29. Interesting art form sounds like a different language to me though, I can barely find photos once I upload them to my computer. Happy Woyww.

  30. Good morning; just having a quick pop my head round the door moment, before I have to get on with all my chores! Lovely to see what you are up to this week. I get frustrated trying to do that kind of stuff on the computer!
    Neil #49 or thereabouts!

  31. A different digital desk! Looks like you have mastered it. Happy WOYWW 141, Thank you for sharing, # 52

  32. …it looks so bold and exciting and that you’ve pretty much mastered it already…good luck with the swimsuit shopping…Mel 🙂

  33. Have fun and I hope you learn it quickly. I want so much to know more on Photoshop but it seems so time consuming..I wish someone would offer a hands on class for this stuff in our area. I know it would be a great way to use lots of creative things. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your WOYWW

  34. I’ve saved a bunch of printables myself but I have yet to do anything with them. I always tell myself that I’m going to sit down and figure it all out someday soon.

  35. Ooh, I love mini books, judging by your RH side bar we could be in for some treats in the weeks to come. Can you mix the two disciplines? Hope so , should be fun.
    Don’t forget to call in and check our my blog candy – it closes late tonight and I should be drawing tomorrow. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Neet 29 (wish that was my age and I was where I am now in life – crafting yum yum)

  36. I haven’t really done much digital crafting, but your work looks great! Love mini-books. Happy WOYWW 😀 #27

  37. Congrats on the top spot, it’s a stampede here at the top isn’t it? I work in IT and that looks bloody complicated to me! Have fun with it, I’m sure you’ll master it.

    Brenda 6

  38. I could never figure it out to do digital. Glad you are enjoying it! Not sure I could give up the paints, inks, and mists.

  39. Congrats on being #1! I always think it would make so much sense to go all digital, but I spend too much time in front of the computer already. Besides, I find I really like handling the actual materials, the inkiness and all. (And then what would I do with all this STUFF? lol)

    Happy Woyww!

    Sandy #19

  40. Congrats on #1 and your digi stuff is fantastic …. actually all your stuff is gorgeous.

  41. Fab pic, I’d love to be arty with my computer but I can’t get my head around it all lol
    WOYWW #25

  42. ugh, trying on swimsuits ranks right up there with eating liver 😉 Good luck and keep trudging with the digital-ness! lol Ya’ll are getting a jumpstart on me for WOYWW but mine will be up tomorrow! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina 🙂

  43. Well done being on poll position!! Those screens look seriously interesting

  44. Wish I was much better at Photo shop and am fascinated to get that glimpse into your process… can’t wait to see the mini books, especially the artsy one… happy woyww…xx

  45. aw I wonder what it would be like to be really three again… This week I’m 15, so mush better than being 89…my knees won’t bend! Wish I was better at understanding all the little whatsit and thingies in Photo Shop, one day I will get there…just beginning to wonder when though…when I’m really 89 I think!! Have a crafty week, Happy Woyww!

  46. Congrats on making the number 1 slot! I’m not great with the old computer it took me 1 hour to resize a digi there is no hope (lol) Have a great week, Hugs May x x x

  47. Love mini books maybe next week see some!Have fab wednesday and creative week hugs judex2

  48. you are so clever with all that digital stuff, it goes completely over my head!
    Happy WOYWW! Debxx # 9

  49. I’m sure it can get pretty addicting! And there’s so much to learn! Patsy from HeARTworks

  50. It’s great to see your “desk” this week is digitally inspired. Nice to see you at # 1. I was stalking Julia, then ran to the restroom. When I got back, I was # 3.

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