WOYWW 141 – computer stylee

It’s TIIIIME! WOYWW – Our once-a-week journey across the world visiting crafty workdesks hither and yon.  As always, led by our fearless crafter and white van gal Julia.  Hopefully Mr Dunnit treated her well yesterday, and it wasn’t all bookkeeping and driving LOL!

Yes, my workdesk this week is on my desktop – still playing with printables.  I am really getting in to pushing the limits of Intaglio.  The drawing-a-path feature, and then binding text to it, is challenging me.  The tools are a bit tricky to master, but I feel like I am getting to grips with them, slowly, slowly.  As you can see one of my two monitors is completely filled with windows.  One of my favourite features of Intaglio is the little window in the upper right – it’s like a little paint pallet of the colours I’ve used for different projects, with the “swatches” stored in groups to make it easy to create companion sets that match.  I just need to drag the colour onto whatever I want.  My next experiment is creating pre-set patterns in the colours I need.

And I am still trying to determine the very best way to lay things out.  I’ve added some little corner marks to the boxes to help with cutting a borderless box that can be left straight or rounded.

I’ll sort out the final details today and hopefully have them up tomorrow.

Maybe this is just a phase, because I also have a renewed interest in minibooks as well.  I have a rainbow coloured one on the go, and a very artsy one as well, both ends of the spectrum.  And I made a layout too.  So I’m sure this blog won’t become all-printables all the time, as much as I enjoy that.  I’m just to ready to give up the scrappy, the sticky, the inky or the mess in favour of all digital art!

Now I’ll be keeping DD occupied (skating, and of all things swimsuit shopping – poor dear needs a new one and we all know how traumatic THAT is) and sneaking off to drop in to WOYWW desks as and when I can sneak in a few.  Can’t wait to see YOURS!

Happy WOYWW!

Addendum:  <sigh> I’ve taken to popping an email off if I see a WOYWW post that I can’t comment on and I love.  But can’t do that for every one.  Is anyone else experiencing weird internet problems today?  Visiting desks is like doing so while walking thru treacle!  Just wondering as DH says his internet (not the same ISP, from his office and usually a 20mb connection compared to mine at home that barely manages 1 mb) is slow too.