BIG CARDS – Seven of diamonds

Sometimes, you head down a road expecting to end up ne place and you end up … someplace else!

One of the problems I have with this BIG CARD project is I only have ONE of each card.  I could go and buy another set, if I can find them, but in some ways that is kind of cheating.  So if I try something out and it really doesn’ work, and isn’t salvageable by doing something additional, I’m screwed.

I thought, due to the glossy nature of the cards, that alcohol ink would work on them.  It does, with a few caveats.

I masked off the area I wanted to cover, but the ink seeped under the tape edge.  also, the glossy coating seems to be less than full as the first pounce of the ink left me with an interesting effect.  The paper grain showed through.

Fortunately layering more ink over it seemed to give a better effect!

I’ve always done my AIs without adding the blending solution, which gives the more pebble effect that I prefer.

I also had a go at something I hoped would work and it did, kind of.  I stamped a text stamp with Versafine in the upper corner, then daubed at it with a baby wipe.  It sort of removed the black (more over the white part of the card, less so over the red of the diamond) and revealed something like white text.

It’s interesting but perhaps not totally a success.  Def. something worth playing with more.  I think it could be cool once I work out the specific steps to create the same expected effect every time.

Note sure if I am sick of working with red quite yet, but I am sure once the Diamond are done I’ll feel happy to move on to a black suit.  May go B&W, may do Black + a colour, just not sure yet.  All part of the process….

DD home from school this week, and lots going on.  I think there is some Japanese Anime in her afternoon plans for us, so glad I managed this early in th day!

Have a great one – and if you are a printables fan I would dearly love feedback on the days of the week cards I posted a preview of yesterday. With time limited I don;t really want to waste time ironing out a design that no one wants, when I can wait to do it when I need it.