Sunday-someplace-else (thirty handmade days)

Although the site is a nifty one, I am really focusing on these adorable heart-shaped strawberry cookies.  The recipe is included in the link. I would love to convince DD to make these but not sure if I can.

And as a bonus there are some cute printables on there for Valentines Day as well.

I am also still making printables and have been struggling with one that I would love a opinion on, if you are so inclined.

I’ve added the jpg in such a way so you can see the border of the borderless boxes.  I have the whole week’s worth of days done, but I wonder…. I love the look of the BIG single letter, and feel that a two letter abbreviation will ruin it.  It may be hard to see, but the day is spelled out in the little line of text (and let me tell you getting the curve for Saturday and Sunday right was a challenge!) which I hoped would make the duplicate Ts and Ss ok.  also the fill is much smoother than it looks here, low-res and reduced size (I think it’s particularly noticeable in the T for Tuesday.

I am also dithering about adding a light grid – firstly I think it will interfere with the small text line and secondly that too much pattern will make it annoying.  This way I feel like each letter could be cut as a borderless block (making the rounding of the corners easier) or even cut out around the letter and just outside the text strip.

So, wade in – useful or not?  Worth spending time on or not?  I am also dithering about a set of hours.  Designed as 2×3 blocks, I thought they could be used in a number of ways – say 7 + PM  for a bedtime for baby photo, or maybe 8 + 11 + PM for Prime Crafting Time photos (ie once the kids are in bed, or even 9 + TO + 3 for the same idea – what I do while the kids are in school sort of thing.

Any and all comments will be greatly appreciated.  While I may carry on and do them anyway for myself, I might change some of the sizes or design elements so they are more useful for others if people thought they would use them.