Project Life Printables – an experiment

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Not done with  these yet, but this is a simple set, mostly to test out the placement. I was upset that a few people seemed to have trouble printing the full sheets so I wanted to try a few things.

This is one of the sheets printed – no special selection, I did not TELL it to print borderless, it just printed the PDF edge to edge.  This may be a function of my printer (Epson Stylus Photo 1400) or at some point in the past I’ve set it to treat PDFs as borderless prints, I really don’t know.

and cut:

and a close up for the dotty detail:

Given that different printers have different profiles, and not everyone knows how to overcome them, I think it best to do it two ways.

If your printer cuts things off because of some pre-set border, get this set.  This set has three pages to the PDF, four months per page, in the middle of the page.

If you can print borderless, get this set. This set has 6 months per page, as in the top photo. They should be fine for US letter as that is WIDER than A4 (also shorter, but there is plenty of room top and bottom so for most people I hope it will not cut off anything.  Of course, if you do know PSE/PS you can:

  • open the PDF
  • draw your selection box around it
  • copy, open a new file
  • paste
  • print

And when doing that you can easily resize things.  Personally I think these would be cute bigger, used as a photo frame so the photo fills most of the dotty part and the month below. I may have to try to do a post talking about ways to make use of my stuff thru clever copy/pasting and editing at some point.

Likewise, if you do digital, you can:

  • open the PDF
  • click File > Save As
  • select PNG from the drop down menu
  • save

This will give you a set you can use digitally (they DO have white-fill – a digi-scrapper commented about this so I have tried to make sure all mine are filled white and not transparent)

If I have finally worked out a way that everyone who wants to can use them, then I can rest easy! Keep in mind I am not a professional designer, just someone who enjoys the process and designs stuff *I* like and want to use.


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