Red Letter day – Project life printables


Added:  I forget that not everyone has my exact printer or the options I have, or uses A4 size paper.  If you have the original set and find it prints with the top cut off, try selecting  BORDERLESS, if your printer has that option.  Download this set, which has the items shifted around on the page.  I’ll try to get (or cut) some US letter size paper so I can test stuff out in the future, and be mindful or pre-set printer borders. It should be redlettertight.pdf.

OK, I gathered a bit of feedback and am now ready to share.  First, a couple of people mentioned that the PL stuff tends to be rounded.  I’ve tried to address this.  The PDFhas four pages – two pages are all the items with square borders, two with square borders but designed to be cut straight then the corners rounded.

I’ve cut them using both of the EK Success rounders I have, one has a more gentle curve,  one a shallow one.  The gentle one is shown on Playlist below, the other two are rounded with the sharper one.

Of course you can look back and see the straight set looks fine cut square – which personally I prefer.

You can see all the ones in the set – Red Letter Day (for any mail of significance, as I suggested here), Ring ring (important phone calls), What’s to read (listing books you’ve read or added to your to read list), Playlist (songs on your iPod or that you are listening to a lot), What’s in My cart (weekly shopping) and What’s on (for fave TV shows.

Grab ’em if you like ’em.

I will be having a fairly stressful day, I fear, meeting with DDs surgeon to ask some final questions about a proposed surgery. Involving her wrist being broken and a metal plate fused to it, as well as her tendons cut and re-attached in a different way, it’s not a minor procedure.  I just hope I actually am able to (with DH, of course) come to a decision.  I hate the thought of my baby being put through this with no guarantee of the outcome.

Hope your day is better.  and hope you like the printables.

14 thoughts on “Red Letter day – Project life printables

  1. Thank you so much for all your PL printables! Having made some myself for others, I know how much effort it takes to do it. I hope things worked out with the surgery! Thanks again.

  2. Thanks for the printables they are great !

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  4. I hope everything went well and thank-you for the printables.

  5. Love these printables….even though I don’t do the 365 thing, they are perfect for my other scrapping projects. Thanks! And my thoughts and prayers are with you on your decision making process.

  6. Good luck today!
    The printables are terrific… page 2 though has the bottom one printing off the page. I tried all I know to get it to print correctly without success… any help??

  7. Sending you prayer for you and yoru family during this difficult time. Thanks you for your printable journals I love them.

  8. Does anyone have a clue how I can open these PDF’s to not cut off the tops??? I love these all so much butI can’t get everything to print the way I know it should, THANKS!

    • It might be that you need to select the BORDERLESS option if your printer has one. But if it turns out this a a problem for many I can simply re-create the PDF shifted lower on the page.


  9. I’ve been making my own (mostly with stamps) for the SMASH books DD and I are doing. I hope all goes well with your daughter and your decisions!

  10. I wish you all the best for your decision and especially for the outcome. That is really hard. My motto is, that our decisions are based on the moments and the informations we have at that certain time. That is why they are right. We can not know, what we will know in the future. I hope, you could understand what I tried to say (bad English).

  11. So sorry for you all, I hope it all goes well x

  12. Wow – thats a tough day ahead of you. I hope that it resolves itself in a way that makes you comfortable

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