WOYWW 140 – scrappin’ old school


Time for the WOYWW again.  I had much better luck with commenting last week so let’s hope it continues.

Stop by Julia‘s for your weekly inspiration – it’s always fun and sometimes you get to feel smugly virtuous, if your desk happens to be a tidy one.  Mine usually isn’t and this week is not an exception – scrapping on a TV table, I’m afraid.

I took a very limited bag of supplies to the crop last week (where we missed Julia greatly, as she languished at home in her sickbed) with the goal of finishing up my flip out, stand up mini-book.  I made great progress but didn’t finish it, for a few reasons.  Firstly, I was def. scrappin’ old school.  I used my QuicKuts, and not the dies on a platform die cut machine, oh no – I squeezed the hand-held tool to cut each letter individually.  And what’s more the other text was all done with an old tiny stamp set, letter by letter as well.  You can see the little pile of brown scraps – I had two not very large chunks of the perfect colour cardstock to work with so there was much careful positioning of each scrap over the die so as not to waste a bit of it. Nextly (not a word, but it should be!) I had to re-make a fair few of the brown label bits as I kept messing up the stamping.  And then there was the chatting and the eating, of course.  And the snow – my carpool buddy and I high-tailed it out a bit early as soon as it was clear the snow was sticking.  Believe me, NO one wants to negotiate the road to my house, or up the drive, in less than clear weather.

As the book is like a flap book – although with a thin extra score so the pages actually close up when it is decorated – I had to stick to fairly thin additions.  You can see the embellishment was no more than a stamped label, and the text.  A fairly random series of un-scrapped and duplicate photos, all depicting DD around the house.   That gave me my title:

I don’t have a shot of the whole thing opened right up, but in the top photo, there are five (yes five) fold out bits – and two more on the sides that you can’t see either!  In total, there are 10 flaps, and the unfinished bit in the very center will have the accordion folded book with 5 additional “pages.”  If you saw the mini in it’s infancy you will recall the best bit – the back strip of pages folds into a display, like so:

So that, and only that, is on my W this Wednesday.  It’s just the accordion bit that I need to finish up, as I got sidetracked making the Project Life printables from yesterday.  I am really enjoying the design process with those, but am determined to complete my real-paper scrapping before I TOUCH the computer today! I just hope my hands hold out with that QK!

So now let me see what you are doing!  Once I get this done I am surely going to need some inspiration.

Happy WOYWW!

addendum – yes, as it has been for the past two weeks, no comments on boxes-in-posts, and no comments allowe on sites with word verification.  Working my way thru the list but getting frustrated.  When will blogger sort this out??

40 thoughts on “WOYWW 140 – scrappin’ old school

  1. love the album you’re working on! thanks for the peek!

    Michele x153

  2. Love that book you are working on! When I’m working on something old school like that, I feel more connected to it. #80

  3. What a beautiful project!!!
    luv Ger
    WOYWW #147

  4. old school but worth every effort. it looks wonderful! what a blessing to have this memento. happy WOYWW, and thanks for sharing!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  5. Loving your book Mary and want to see it when it is finished. Your DD looks alot younger too so have you been doing that book a while or are you just using your old pics?
    I love my Quickutz and those lickle stamps and they are sometimes a Godsend when you are doing minis!!

  6. Love your flip out fold up mini book..looks like it would be fun to have a go.
    Have a great crafty week, thanks for my snoop! HaPpY WoYwW


  7. Gorgeous book, looks way too complicated for me! (I have yet to master correct doimensions on a stepper card). Feel so sorry for you re the blogger frustration. I’m finding things OK at the mo (I Have everything crossed as I say this including my eyes which is why the typing is so bad) but if it gets as bad as last year I may well throw in the towel. Wish they would just leave well alone!! Happy WOYWW Cindy #58

  8. it looks amazing can’t wait to see it finished!

  9. Love how your album turned out, you totally rocked it, tfs! Happy Woyww

  10. Unfinished or not, it looks pretty cool!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Aeryn (#37)

  11. I’m sorry that your comments aren’t working well. I think mine go on a separate page, but now I will go double check!

    Your mini is fabulous! I love how it stands up to display! It sounds like you had a lovely time at your crop, I’m sorry the weather had to cut it short! I hope you can finish up your paper scrapping before you hit the computer today!

    Happy WOYWW! Katie #18

  12. Oh wow – love this project. Stamping old school is mostly what I do! I did purchase a cuttlebug this year and have a few dies and embossing folders. Love the little alphabet stamps though.

    Happy WOYWW

  13. It really helped, your link about making the comments go to a seperate page and I was so tired last night that I forgot to add the details..will do so again.
    Meanwhile, I’m away up from the sick bed , no more shivering and coughing, and trying to catch up. Loving the way this is coming together, and so deeply impressed by the use of the QK…the stamping is a lovely addition, definitely worth the old school time its taking.

  14. Your album book is amazing, thanks for sharing.. As to the problem of the comments, I had the same issues and managed to sort it by allowing cookies from, not had a problem since. Hope that helps u sort it.
    Happy Wednesday
    hugz Minxy #106

  15. WOYWW brings me snooping and I like what I see.

    What a fab crafty work space you have this week and loads going on as usual.
    You’re book is coming along nicely and if you’re anything like we, when I take stuff to craft somewhere else I usually end up leaving half of what I need at home and then can’t do what I had planned.
    Happy Crafting!

  16. old school is still around because it works so well! Love those big piccies! Thanks for letting us look in and peek at your desk… Sarah at 7

  17. Beautiful album. Hugs Pam x

  18. That album looks great
    Bridget #53

  19. Wow, how fabulous is your album. I might just have to add that one to my ‘to do’ list!

  20. Looks fab, interesting book. Thanks for sharing & enjoy this WOYWW, I’m off to nose some more! Zo x

  21. Blimey…you have so much patience to do all those letters individually!!!!! i would have given up halfway through!! Fab album!

  22. Such a beautiful book you have created. I can’t believe you did all the letters individually…. you must be a saint.

  23. Beautiful and clever flip book there – must have a go at that one.
    Ann B

  24. …Hi…looks like you’ve been very busy…the flip book is looking great and what fun to do…have a wonderful week…Mel 🙂 #64

  25. Great flap book :)) Gave up on my quickcutz many moons ago! LOL
    Happy woyww
    Jennie #11

  26. Hi there, Can’t believe it’s Wednesday again already! Thanks for letting me in to peek and I hope the rest of the week is a blessed and creative one for you! Your album is taking shape nicely!
    Neil #45 (ish)

  27. That is one fantastic book. I love the way you have constructed it. I never worry about producing at a crop. I feel not only is it a time to scrap but it is also a time to reconnect with friends and share ideas. You always bring home so much more than layouts!

  28. What an awesome idea! You book is turning out gorgeous. Have a great week and don’t forget the blog candy I am offering on my blog. Make sure you are a follower and leave a comment. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #52

  29. I love all the photos you have taken the time to take of your daughter doing “ordinary” things. So nice to see not just the special moments on show. I am also old school in so many ways. It works for me!

  30. Wow the flip out looks lovely and some beautiful photos!!!great have a great week hugs trace x no44

  31. I guess I’m really old school, since I don’t have a die cutter or punches to create letters. But I sure love that book! I’m # 25 this week.

  32. Wow, what a great idea for a mini album. Looks like so much fun!

  33. I love it, such a great idea and blimey, all kudos to you for all that hand punching of little letters, but obviously worth it as they look fab!! Annette #13

  34. Beautiful book and nothing wrong with old school, in fact I haven’t yet graduated to new school, whatever that is, lol!!

    Brenda 18

  35. Oh its beautiful! I wish I had the urge to scrap, but I dont, I dont do Diary’s or journalling either, the last scrapbook I did was Ian Botham in the 70’s, oops that shows my age!!
    As to Mojo, hun, believe me, I had completely gone “Off” stamping, got some Flitter, and WOW cant get enough of stamping again, its fab!! Loving it!!

    Happy WOYWW


  36. I love this album is there a template for the flap book its fab??? your pages are lovely, your poor hands though doing all those letters ouch!!!!! Have a great week, Hugs May x x x x x

  37. Your Album is beautiful ,i enclose one like that in the back of the paperbag albums i make at christmas so they (person who requests it)can add photos.
    Well not much done here on my desk since last week .Why?you ask … mojo i think got stuck under all the snow and hasnt appeared yet!fingers crossed it will be home soon .Have fab wednesday and creative week hugs judex 4

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