Project Life filler cards

Most of the PL stuff I have been making has been journaling cards, but I’ve noted that many people use filler cards – that is, blocks that are more like embellishments rather than places for journaling.  So I thought I would have a bash at that.  These will work well with the day and number cards, as the colours are the same, although the font (Teen) is bolder.  I’ve done it two ways. When we moved to the UK, for many many years my spelling was a bit schizophrenic.  In my past life as a researcher for a government think tank, we had many documents in the library that used theatre v. theater so that was nothing new.  But moving here, and retraining my brain to spell things differently has been a struggle.  Sometimes, I am completely paralyzed – I KNOW it is both windshield and windscreen but I am so torn between which is “right” for the moment that I can’t speak. And I think I have relayed before the slightly embarrassing situations I’ve been in with braces/suspenders and rubbers/erasers before.  Let’s not speak of my stylish haircut in the 70s, popularly known in the US as “the shag” (not to be confused with the US beach party dance of the same name) and what my group of UK friends thought about my mention of THAT.  And in the scrapbooking world, many of my UK scrapper friends bemoaned the whole Mom v Mum and Fall v Autumn (or indeed the use of Soccer for Football) issues when it comes to embellishments and stickers!

Of all of them, perhaps even with Mom v Mum, has to be COLOR v COLOUR.  It drives them mad.  So I really couldn’t NOT do both.  For my USA readers, download the PDF for COLOR.  For my UK/European readers, get COLOUR.

As you can see I went ahead and did a journaling card as well, but that was more to do with filling the page.

Now a question.  I have another set that I am just not 100% sure would be useful.  If you think it is, LMK.

I’ve used a quirky font, and worry that people may not like it.  It’s very grungy.  My thoughts were that the various cards could be used to list everyday stuff – books you’ve read or ar on your list,  tunes in heavy rotation on your iPod, stuff you buy every week at the grocery store, TV shows you are watching.  The other two I though would be useful if you wanted to make note of something important – Red Letter Day works for anything from your child’s acceptance letter to the University of their choice to getting your paid off mortgage papers from the bank to an offer letter for your dream job.  Ring Ring works for any important phone call the same way – or for a list of the people you call every day, maybe.

I’m not adding them, but certainly would do if people want them.  Here’s a closer look

Comment on the font choice or the usefulness of the set.  They may appear as-is, I may change them slightly or eventually add them as is.  I’ve already been dithering for a few days and may dither for a few more, but if I know there are people who want them it might end my dithering once and for all.

On a more paper-based note, I got a few of the A3 coloured cardstock pads from Lidl when they were on sale a few weeks back.  I have an idea for them  as well as still working on my flapped mini-book.  So a busy day round here.  Hope you have a crafty one too!