BIG CARDS – 8 of Diamonds

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This one is less inky and painty but I had the idea of the technique and as I worked through it it didn’t seem appropriate to get all arty with it.

What I used – and sorry I didn’t take photos along the way, but I will try to explain – is a Prima mask, Distress ink, some old foam letters, some graph paper, a Quickie glue pen and some glitter.

First I embossed with the mask – using the Grand Calibur, which is quite wide, I stacked the base plate, mask, heavy cardstock, the embossing mat and embossing plate. Once I embossed it I used the mak as a mask, and smudged Barn door Distress ink in the gaps.  Taking the mask away I smudged Spun Sugar over the embossed areas. When that dried, I used the glue pen to line each circle (and I used the mask again for this) then added the glitter.  Once it dried I could easily whisk away the excess with a wide soft brush.  I did only a few circles at a time because the glue dies pretty quick.

I cut out the embossed area and sliced it in half to split it in two.  I added the number word and a thin black border, and mounted the split diamond half above and half below the word.

I think I need a layer of white card under the graph paper, which was from a tablet rather than “real” scrapbooking paper, as I can see the Diamonds from the card through that, just a bit.

In the close-up you can see the glitter a bit better.  I like this.  I think it could make a nice card topper too.  The embossing is more a pattern than deep embossing, but the effect is still a good one, I think. Def. one to play with a bit more.  I don’t know you could get the same effect with an embossing folder – the mask has holes in the negative space, where the embossing folder doesn’t.  There is no good way I can think of to get the two-tone effect.  Maybe if you brayer over the negative space  the folder then embossed then brayered over the embossing in another colour?  So long as the negative space was inked dark and the colours the same (like this, red deep and pink on the high points) you could brayer over the raised area without worrying too much about the other colour getting on the debossed bits.

Now, mini-book and printables on deck….

One thought on “BIG CARDS – 8 of Diamonds

  1. I love this one, I love them all but this one is really cool! I Needs some masks!!!

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