Sunday-right-here (Project Life printables, again)

Really, I need to be doing Project Life.  I know this. But there are SO many things I want to do, so many ideas that still need to get out of my head and on to my desk, that I just cannot seem to make the decision to commit.  But I am happily making printables that I would want, and happily sharing them in case they can be of use to someone who IS committed to Project Life.

This year is a leap year.  So I thought why not make a special set of printables for that? Not seen any, but I’m sure they will be coming.  I’ve done it in both sizes, 6 x 4 and 4 x 3, and both leap DAY and the date as well as the slightly more generic leap YEAR – who knows if PL will carry on being popular when the next leap year rolls around?  If so, this one will work.

I just never know what people will find most useful.  I like B&W, because it is useful with any other colour scheme, and my own preferences don’t come in to it.  I made the printables, and I can easily change them to whatever colour I need in a click or two – if you know PSE or some other editing software well, you can too.  But more an issue is the font.  I lean towards grungy and quirky, and away from too cute and swirly, I like thin and upright better than slanted, and sans serif better than serifed.

I hope you could over-lay a text box with a font of your choice and then print, but if not, you could maybe print the text, cut it in a circle with a cutter or a punch with the text in the top half of the circle, then chop it in half and mount it over the  existing text,  a bit like the image here.

I have another set nearly ready, but want to finish up the mini from a week or so back – I got about 80% done at the crop yesterday (where we missed the lovely Julia greatly, as she was under the weather) but need to finish it up. I’m having a crisis of design with the mini-in-the-middle, which was meant to be another little fold out book, but now I feel that may be too thick so not sure if I should go with just a single page or a tri-fold.  It’s possibly not clear that I am talking about this one and not the box.  I did work out a box based on an A3 sheet of paper, so more like 4.5 x 6.5 size wise (much better if you use it as a mini-album rather than a calendar stand) but struggling with how to communicate that clearly.  See what I mean? Just too much in my head…