WOYWW 139 – playing with watercolours

I am in an arty place at the moment.  I really need to focus on scrapbooking, and figure out a way to bring the arty techniques to layouts, but I’m just not there yet.  Maybe I’ll find the inspiration and motivation looking at YOUR desk today!  Nothing gets the creative juices flowing more than a WOYWW hop.  And Julia helpfully reposted s link that will solve the commenting problem for many of us, if you care to look back a post when you drop by her Stamping Ground.  I just hate visiting and not being able to leave a comment so I hope many who don’t let the comment box open in a new window will make the small change needed and let me say Hi!

This is a technique I’ve seen but not played with – watercolour wash covered with cling film.  I really like the final effect – and have mentally filed it away for a future BIG CARD – and thought it might make a good background for the foils I used on the last one.

I was thwarted in my attempt to get to Hobby Craft and peruse the foils yesterday – I came out of Morrison’s to find my tire flat.  Good thing I noticed and didn’t just drive away.  That would have been so like me LOL! But my internet searching told me the Provocraft foils that I have are no longer for sale, and I love the technique so if I want to play more, I’d better find some soon.

I’ll add a card I made as well – I did a YouTube quickie for that, and it differs from the stamp-with-glue version from Monday and instead extends the brayer-ed glitter-glue technique from Christmas,  I embossed some Distress Inked cardstock, brayered over a layer of glue, then added the foil.  I do love how it looks!

If you do Project Life, I have some printables back a few posts that you may want to grab, as you are here anyway. You can also click on Freebie Printables at the top and find links to them there.

Lastly, something I almost never do, a share of my DD on the climbing wall, at the top!

Regular readers may recall DD has Cerebral Palsy (she’s a right hemi) so her managing this, albeit with help from one of the instructors, guiding her hand and foot placement, was quite an achievement – Mom is very proud of her!

Have a great Wednesday!


And to add:  Blogger is still thwarting me!  A few people change their commenting so it opens in a new window (yay!) but still not allowing comments on box-at-bottom – and a new wrinkle! This week no matter HOW MANY TIMES I try to do the word verification it tells me I am doing it wrong.  I’m NOT!  Nowhere near being thru the list but I’ve seen these people and been unable to comment 🙂

scrappymo! – tried the word verification FIVE times (including the spoken version) and it won’t post! Same with Stephanie Scrapadelia
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Shaz in Oz – but I emailed you about your question 🙂


More Project Life printables – months

I had this idea in my head while I was working on the other ones.  Pretty minimalistic stuff, but I like the simplicity of those little and thin circles.  They are, again slightly smaller than 3 x 4 so you can cut them with a thin border and still have them fit in your PPs.  I think they would work for basic journaling cards on a layout as well,  and although they really work best vertical,  I don’t hate them horizontal.  I think you could also use them to make a mini-book – just add a photo in the blank middle section and maybe on the back, then punch a hole in the top corner.  Add a cover and put it all on a book ring.  Likewise you could turn them into a calendar by printing the month block in the white area.  You could even stick two months back to back to make it thinner. Like I say, I aim for my printables to be useful in many ways!

Here is a screen grab of the PDF (again, 2 pages)  so you can see the colours best:

And here is a photo of the print-out.  I would strongly suggest you print them in photo quality.  They look lovely on textured cardstock, but not in normal print mode.  My printer has the option of selecting Archival Matte in the Print Settings and that is what I use as I feel it gives the truest colour and a nice thick application of ink.  Up to you.

They are slightly smaller than 3 x 4 for ease of cutting with a thin border.  They SHOULD work fine on A4 or US letter, but f they don’t LMK and I can split the PDF into 3 sheets of four.  Hope you can find a use for them!