Big cards – Nine of Diamonds


It’s quite interesting to me (QI to my BBC-watching friends LOL!) That when I do “art” I tend towards the messy, grungy, distressed look but when I design (like the Project Life Printables I did over the last couple of days) I am all about the clean lines and simple shapes.  Not entirely sure what that says about me – maybe I feel more confident using tools others have developed (like stamps and inks) than I am creating from scratch?  Not sure but I am having fun in both directions at the moment.

Carrying on with my BIG CARD project, this week we have the Nine of Diamonds.  In considering the techniques I want to experiment with, I spend the weekend before looking at my stash.  I am looking for things I have but have never used. This week, I pulled out a Glue Pad, some quite ancient foil sheets, a pristine stamp, and some cheap metallic copper paint. Quite an array.

I know Distress ink is meant to be blended, but for this experiment I really wanted to use red and blue and not have the whole thing deteriorate into a muddy purple. I first smudged the Distress ink in Barn Door, Fired Brick and Worn Lipstick, but left some white areas, especially around the edges. I then smudged the Broken China in the white areas, letting some drift over the edges into the reds. You’ll see that in later photos – I’m trying not to be needlessly photo-heavy here. I dried the Distress ink briefly with the heat gun because I didn’t know if the foil might stick to it if it were wet.

I stamped with my never-before used glue pad and then hit that with the heat gun, literally for a couple of seconds.  I did try foiling over it immediately and my opinion is a blast of heat makes the foil stick better. I laid the foil over the glue-stamping and rubbed over it with the flat edge of the bone folder – and in smaller areas rubbed with my fingertip. That is some intensely-blue blue!

Using an old card (and yes, I applied the money to my Amazon account before I used it LOL!) I sort of pounced copper lines along the edges, pretty parallel.

And here you can see a bit of the sparkle from the foil as well as the way some of the left-white areas are really blue.

I stamped the number in the copper paint, but I also tapped the foam brush on the stamped paint while it was still wet to give the letters a rougher texture.

and the final card:

Instead of using paint on a lid I inked the lid and stamped so the circles are fainter and more ghostly. a bit of spattered white paint and DONE.

This one MAY have replaced the Jack as my favourite.  I’ve never seen the foil with glue pad.  I have read lots of places how people don’t like the Essential Glue Pad, which may be why I never opened it.  I’m glad in this case I bought it then read the reviews, because I love it for this.  I have a drawer full of foil sheets (pretty much all but gold and silver, because I think I bought the pack for those colours, used them up, and stuffed the remainder in a drawer!) so I can see playing with this a LOT.  When the light hits it, and with the imperfect application of the foil over the Distress ink, it has such a cool look.

And so the experiment continues.

7 thoughts on “Big cards – Nine of Diamonds

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  2. I am not familiar with a Glue Pad. Is a Versamark Pad the same thing? The foil technique is AWESOME

  3. Lovin’ that foil technique! What is the brand of the foil and where can you buy it?

    • The stuff I have is O-L-D. It’s called Art Accentz by Provocraft. But I think I’ve seen similar at places like Hobby Craft in the UK. I don’t think it is the same foil you use for hot-foiling. If I find some I’ll let you know via email.

      Mary Anne

  4. Lovely MaryAnne. At least you have two styles. I tend to flit from style to style. Does that mean I’m a crazy mixed up kid?

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