Sunday-right-here (Project Life Printables)

The hardest thing about designing is stepping out of your own head to think about how others might like to use things.  Obviously colour is huge – I have my preferred colours, as do most people, but for me it’s the shade or tone that makes all the difference.  For example, Kelly green leaves me cold, but a nice muted celery I love.  A brick-red I like, a Christmass-y red, not so much.

When I did the set yesterday, my mind was focused on days-of-the-week.  All well and good.  But overnight I (seriously) had one to ten running around in my head.  So when I got up and got DH and DD off to skating, I sat down to alter the files.  Replacing the weekdays with a strip of number words gives more options.  I think they work together, really.  The first set is days of the week, this set is straight one to ten numbers.  I think originally I worried that the ten, when squished, might not work, but I think it’s OK.  As I had used colours along the ROYGBIV spectrum I had to decide on additions – I went with rose, hot pink, and brown.  I altered the journaling blocks to match, and another of the Life is so daily blocks. I also flipped the orientation of the number strips, thinking that the first set works if you have it vertical but less so (reading right to left) when horizontal. This is the stuff that obsesses me LOL!

I had planned on using that time to make a MONTH set to match, and may still do.  If so I’ll add it to the post under Freebie Printables so everything is in one place and you don’t have to hunt through the daily blog posts to find all the parts of the set.  The other thing I did is combined the two sets into ONE PDF.  Hopefully that will work.

I also noticed that while I tend to design on a transparent background, and that the resulting PDF shows white as the background, opening the PDF in Photoshop shows it as transparent.  So this set has white behind the blocks but not as the full background.  Hopefully someone who uses them digitally will let me know if this s preferred, because I know if you are just printing them it makes no difference.  I like to have my files as flexible as possible!

As it’s overcast here still and it worked well enough yesterday, here is a screen grab of the two page PDF so you can see what you will be getting when you download.

Just to let you know the slipped white block on the 10 has been fixed and the PDF is correct.  If you print it, the original is just fine, but if you want to use them digitally then the one up now is the one you want!