Project Life printables


This is one of those times when I dither.  It’s late here in the UK. And dark. and it’s dark in my room, with zero natural light. While I did TRY to improve the quality of the photos a bit, it’s all a bit too dark, yet washed out, and in no way reflective of the actual items – and yet, I didn’t want to wait to add them tomorrow.  So I’m going to add the not-great photos and a smaller .jpg of the PDF which I hope will give yo a better idea of the true colours!

I think they work either way, upright or sideways, depending on how your page protectors run, but to be honest while I am intrigued by the Project Life project, I’m late t the party and just am not sure I have the sticktuitivness it requires. But I do enjoy the making-printables process, in any case.

If you like them, grab them here – set A has 6 days of the week cards (and is it showing my American to have the week starting on Sunday?) and set B has the final day card and 5 other journaling spots.

I have another idea for a set that I may find the time to work on tomorrow. In the meantime, I hope you find these useful!

19 thoughts on “Project Life printables

  1. Thank you so much for your generosity….I have a perfect use for these on a soon but future project.

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  3. I’m even later to the Project Life party than you are, but I saw these on Pinterest and had to hop over. They’re lovely – thank you! (I start my week on Monday so the entire weekend is together in my PL pages. :D)

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  5. Beautiful, beautiful–thanks for sharing your art. You are generous.

  6. These are great! My week starts on Monday, but maybe I am in the minority. On the 7th day, HE rested. Your printables have fantastic colors, so please keep them coming. Thank you so much.

  7. Love these project life printables, thank you so much.

  8. Thanks MA – thay are fabulous

  9. Thanks MA-
    I dont think it’s American to have the day start on a Sunday (or the week even!!)
    Actually it annoys me when it doesn’t!!
    Thanks again

  10. Love these MaryAnne, thanks for sharing.
    C xx

  11. I found these on Pinterest and they are fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. These are gorgeous!! Thank you very much. I have added them on my Pinterest board.

  13. not sure if I am late to the party or not too smart……what do they insert into? I have a day planner that I have used for about 20 years…different sizes and binders……I hope I can figure this out, looks very interesting to say the least. Thank you! Lauren

  14. fabby! thanks (and blinking quick!)

  15. Thanks a bunch, these are beautiful!

  16. Sorted! Both set A and set B should work or at least they do for me 🙂


  17. thanks for the lovely printables, sadly I cannot get the link to set b to work but I love them xxx

  18. I love these – they are super bright colours – but I am not sure the link to set b is right you get the jpeg of the photo not a pdf….
    thanks for foing these and sharing them!

  19. These are fabulous!

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