Project Life printables

This is one of those times when I dither.  It’s late here in the UK. And dark. and it’s dark in my room, with zero natural light. While I did TRY to improve the quality of the photos a bit, it’s all a bit too dark, yet washed out, and in no way reflective of the actual items – and yet, I didn’t want to wait to add them tomorrow.  So I’m going to add the not-great photos and a smaller .jpg of the PDF which I hope will give yo a better idea of the true colours!

I think they work either way, upright or sideways, depending on how your page protectors run, but to be honest while I am intrigued by the Project Life project, I’m late t the party and just am not sure I have the sticktuitivness it requires. But I do enjoy the making-printables process, in any case.

If you like them, grab them here – set A has 6 days of the week cards (and is it showing my American to have the week starting on Sunday?) and set B has the final day card and 5 other journaling spots.

I have another idea for a set that I may find the time to work on tomorrow. In the meantime, I hope you find these useful!