Display Mini-book

Sometimes, I begin a project with a clear idea of where it is going.  This one was crystal clear in my mind, but the reality is that I got nearly to the end and veered off in a totally new direction!

Looks like not much – a run of the mill 6×6 mini.

Untie the ribbon to open it and it begins to look a bit like a flip book.

Start flipping and..

Blimey it’s big! Over 28 inches from top to bottom.  And what’s the deal with the big empty space in the middle?

OK, so I’m clearly not done yet, as that space will hold another small 5×5 inch mini – probably a pull-out accordion, or maybe a bi-fold,  I’m still contemplating the options.  But then there is the cool thing – it’s really a display stand.

So the idea is that you can either fold it all in and store it on a shelf, or you can open it out and display it like this – and I thought it might be cool to add photo corners so you can change the photo that is on display whenever you want to – then open it up at any time to view the contents.

The one thing I hate about folded flip books is that they always bulge – if the pages are all the same size, they don’t fold in on themselves as nicely as I would like – especially if you have them full of photos.  But because this one has 1/4 inch side hinges on some of the pages, it folds away really neatly, with plenty of room for layers of photos.

I am not sure  will write it up.  While I am quite happy to work through the palaver of covering hinged sides (and I am not going to lie to you, it IS  a palaver and a half!) I’m just not sure I can write it up in such a way as 80% of the people who read it will be able to achieve a good end result.  It’s hard to get all the coverings smooth, and to make them all work to open and fold in (or out) and because the pages are different sizes (again to accommodate the folding this way and that) and there is a lot of smoothing and partially sticking, then scoring and creasing and maybe some trimming, then more sticking and creasing, blah, blah, blah I just can’t see a way to make it clear.

I think if you were to create the pages from double sided cardstock, rather than covering white card, it would be a whole lot easier,  but I began with the bare-bones construction then decorated.  Knowing what I know NOW, I can see how that might work better.  Maybe I’ll do another one to test the theory.  Having said that, then I have to find double-sided cardstock where I like both sides, and like where the patterns fall due to the construction, and that have no direction to them, so I don’t end up with upside down or sideways patterns.  And in the end it might be too flimsy without all the layers.  That much pre-planning for something that may not be sturdy is a recipe for disaster!

The plan is to call it  “All Around My House” and have photos of DD … around the house, inside and out, doing the things she loves to do. It’ll make a change from my usual “days out” minis or “favourite photos” minis which is why it’s not done.  A photo hunt is in order and while I have a few in my mind that I know will work, I also have boxes of printed photos go scour to see what will work.

Hopefully I’ll find time to work on it over the weekend but sadly it isn’t a crop weekend so who knows.